Nov 28

Get a Grip on Christmas

There are many, many choices when it comes to Christmas gifts for the golfer, ranging from the smallest accessory to the complete set of clubs. One of the recommended gifts is a package deal that includes tees, ball markers, a glove or two, towel, umbrellas etc. All golfers will be pleasantly surprised when they open a box that contains a selection of the most-needed golfing accessories. (In addition, the gift-giver doesn’t have to make a difficult choice or limit the gift to one kind of item.)

Somewhere in this spectrum of great golfing gifts, the shopper will find a present that is affordable, enjoyable and functional, all at the same time. If the golfer in the family is quite happy with the set of clubs currently being used, there are still a couple of ways to help improve the feel of the set. Not only that, but this simple gift may be a key to improving the scores in the upcoming season. What Christmas gift could be better than that?

What in the golfing world could these two simple items be? As the old TV program said, “I’m glad you asked that question.”

A good set of golf clubs, with little wear on the heads or shafts, can be made to feel brand new in the hands of your favorite golfer, with new grips professionally installed. Grips made of various materials, in numerous designs, are widely available. 

In fact, the shopper who looks for a great set of irons or a driver on Callaway Golf Pre-Owned and Outlet may be pleasantly surprised to find that this trusted golf club site can also provide quality club grips at a very reasonable price.

Prices range from about $2.99 to $7.99, depending on what the grip is made of and what use it is intended for. For example, the Lamkin Crossline ribbed grip is made of a rubber compound that “adds tack and durability with a distinctive pattern.” This basic grip would be perfect for players of mid-skill levels who are on the course two or three times each week. A player who is a bit more skilled and wants something a bit higher on the scale would be happy with the Winn Standard, a “spiral wrap design that showcases a medium firmness and high shock absorption.” This polymer promises to be “firm yet lightweight, which helps deliver higher swing speeds for greater distance.” These are available for about $4.99 each. The multi-compound 60 RND grip from Golf Pride is available for $7.99 each and sports a combination of cord for feel with soft rubber for long wear and great feel.

Of course, choosing the grips is just one step in improving the set of clubs. Installing them properly is just as important. For those who purchase a club or clubs from Callaway Golf Pre-Owned and Outlet  can have the grip installed before shipment. A simple call to one of the Web site’s representatives can make this happen.

There is another small matter that can help improve the golfer’s performance and solve a Christmas-gift dilemma as well. The golf glove is a powerful tool on the correct hand, providing the feel and stability necessary to hit shots under almost any condition. Prices on suitable gloves usually range from about $10 to $20. The Ben Hogan brand Evergrip glove uses a combination of materials to give the player a solid grip, while keeping the hand cool and comfortable.

The shopper will find a huge selection of gloves at Golf Balls , in addition to the great choices and prices on golf balls. For example, the FootJoy Weathersof glove for women is available in four sizes, and offers a combination of micro-fiber and cabretta leather. The cost is a very reasonable $9.95. In the mid-range, the Titleist Perma-Soft at $13.95 is an excellent choice. The buyer may also want to select the Callaway Golf Custom Tour Glove at $17.95.

New grips and a new glove – what could be better than opening a package on Christmas morning and seeing these improvements before your eyes!??!

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