Aug 25

Golf Nutrition

Have you ever wondered why you lose your concentration in the middle or towards the end of your round of golf?  Before you know it, you have made back to back double bogeys to ruin a great round.  Focus on finishing stronger to reach your potential.  Achieve a better finish by keeping your body properly fueled before and during your round. 

An average round of golf can last between four and five hours.  In any prolonged exercise environment, the consumption of the proper foods and water will greatly increase athletic performance.  Eat a well balanced meal with plenty of carbohydrates three to four hours before your round.  Adding proteins to your meal will help you from feeling hungry later in your round.  Consume a small snack or piece of fruit (around 100 calories) at some point during the final hour before you start.

Continue to fuel your body throughout your round.  Every few holes eat a snack, such as a granola bar, crackers, nuts, raisins or piece of fruit (just to name a few examples).  Consume a snack at a minimum of every two hours to maintain high energy levels.  If your blood sugar levels drop you will experience fatigue and decreased performance. 

Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your round.  Especially in extreme heat, your performance will suffer significantly if you become dehydrated.  It is not uncommon to lose over 2 pounds of water weight by sweating throughout the round.  Water and sport drinks are an ideal nutritional source.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol.  Both cause a loss of fluids and negatively affect performance.  Caffeine can over stimulate your mind and muscles, leading to uncontrolled performance.  Alcohol consumption can severely affect your coordination. 

Continue to fuel your body properly after your round.  Drink plenty of water to replenish any fluids you lost throughout your round.  Prepare for the next round properly. The cycle continues after your round.  The key to optimal performance is replenish and maintain high energy levels before, during and after your athletic performance.

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