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Golf and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer… a phrase that chills and terrifies as none other. The Women’s Golf Center.com is a site dedicated to women’s golf and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it might be VERY appropriate to look at how golf has confronted this assassin of our ranks.

We must remember that even though this terrible disease attacks women, it is also just as devastating to those who care for its victims and are left behind after their loved ones are taken. I believe this is the reason fundraising for breast cancer research is so amazingly successful.

I recently googled “golf and breast cancer 2008” and received an astounding 1,830,00 results. (Just a few too many for me to personally check out!)

When I googled “golf tournaments for breast cancer 2008”, I received 334,000 results which is still a lot of ‘mentions’ on the web.

Let’s take a look at a few of the things golfers have done in the name of Breast Cancer Research. We’ll start with the LPGA of course.


Friday, October 17, 20008, is a very special day for the LPGA. It’s the day they will support Breast Cancer Research by observing PASSIONATELY PINK FOR THE CURE DAY. The LPGA office staff will wear pink and learn more about Breast Cancer Education. The tour players will be at the Kapalua LPGA Classic and will wear pink to commemorate the occasion. Learn more about PASSIONATELY PINK FOR THE CURE DAY at the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website – www.komen.org.

Paula Creamer will work with Crystal Light to help promote breast cancer awareness , during October.

Louise Friberg, a rookie on the LPGA tour, will use her blog to help promote awareness of this cruel disease. It can be found at www.lpga.com.

Morgan Pressel launched the inaugural Morgan and Friends Fight Cancer Tournament in January of this year to honor her mother’s fight against the disease. Morgan lost her mother to breast cancer when she was only 15. Check out her story at www.lpga.com.

Cristie Kerr founded Birdies for Breast Cancer, Inc. in 2003 to help support breast cancer research. Cristie’s mother was found to have breast cancer inn 2003 and she wanted to help fight this disease. Cristie donates $50 for every birdie and $100 for every eagle that she makes in professional tournaments. She also encourages her fans make donations along with her (of any amount).

The Legends Tour:

Colleen Walker-Bakich is a breast cancer survivor and is currently playing on the Legends Tour, a professional golf organization for Sr. women golfers. Colleen is hoping that walking the golf course for all of those years will help her in her quest to walk 60 miles to help fund breast cancer research. The 3-day event will be help October 31, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.

There are thousands of women involved in the LPGA and other Professional Organizations along with their families who are affected by this disease (not to mention the millions just like us) and each one has a story. Take the time this month (and every other month) to think of them.

These are just a few of the references that were found related to golf and breast cancer. If you take the time to do a little research, you’ll find thousands of local tournaments conducted by hard-working volunteers who have found a way to provide some funds for an important and monumental task. Granted, there is a lot of money spent in actually putting on the tournaments that never gets to the actual research, but many people will play in a charitable tournament knowing that part of the money will find its way into the right hands. These are good people, but who might otherwise forget to write that check for a good cause.

Besides the golf tournaments, you will find hundreds of products that promote breast cancer awareness. Again, only a small portion of the money will go to the charity, but as they say: “Every little bit helps.” There are scams as with anything else, so it wouldn’t hurt to check the background on products and events that are billed as charitable.


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