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Christmas Golf List

A Woman Golfer’s Christmas Gift List

It’s about that time of year when we women golfers start looking for those special gifts both for our friends and ourselves.  Below are just a few of the newer things out this year.  If you have a special gift or request, feel free to add a comment below. It just might be something that also interests someone else. I’ve included an information link for each product, just click the item name to access the link.  We have search the web to find excellant prices for these Christmas gift ideas.

1.  Golf Gator’s Spackler Flip-Flops – For casual golf shoes try these ‘cool shoes’.  These golf shoes feature removable and replaceable golf spikes.  They come in a variety of colors including PINK.  Price is about $40

2.  Cleveland Niblick wedge – This unique new club seems to incorporate some of the best features from the putter, iron, and hybrids.  It can be used for chipping, pitching, approach shots, and recovery from trouble.  It’s 8° of bounce helps to prevent fat shots.  Price is about $110

3.Golfweek Magazine    – a subscription to this very detailed golf magazine is a must for any golfer interested in keeping up with the latest in golf, including women’s golf.  It includes one of the most extensive rankings lists available. Price is about $39.98/year

4.  Kangaroo Motorized Pull Cart – The Hillcrest SE with Remote control – Get your exercise while playing golf without lugging that bag around.  It even comes with an extra 4th wheel for extra stability on hills. Price is about $2,500

5.  The Ping Perfection Putter – Series lWl Series – This putter comes in six different models with a standard 2-piece face insert and 2 sole weights that are interchangeable (extra kit). Price is about $200

6. SuperStroke ProLine Putter Grips – Thanks to K.J. Choi and Angel Jimenez for helping to bring back these oversized putter grips. They come in a wide variety of large sizes and colors.  Price is about $49.95

7.  SkyCaddie SG5   – A gps rangefinder which displays in color graphics with distances to the green, the flag, and some obstacles for more than 16,000 golf courses.  Many other features are included.  It requires that courses be downloaded from the internet and the device will only hold about 10 courses at a time.  MAC OS is not yet available.   Price is about $430

8.  Bushnell Yardage Pro Golf Pinseeker 1500 Slope Edition Laser Rangefinder with Slope Calculator   This laser rangefinder has two targeting modes that allow you to find distance directly to the flag or any other object on the course that you desire.  It is accurate (+/- 1yd) from 5 to 1500 yds (I hope you’re not that far off line, but I guess you could find out how far it is to the 19th hole!).  It’s advantage over GPS systems is that it does not have to be used on a pre-mapped course (does not require internet downloads) and can be used on any course in the world.  Price is about $449

9.  Igotcha Mini Tech King Retriever – A miniature golf ball retriever that retracts to 14” to fit in the side pocket of your golf bag.  It has a unique spring-loaded ball capture mechanism. Personally, I don’t condone ball hawking during a round of golf but I’ve had one of these for over 6 years and it still works great, doesn’t take up a club slot in the bag, weights practically nothing, and does come in handy. Makes a great gift.  Price is about $30

10.  Bionic Technologies Womens Golf Glove  – This glove was designed by an orthopedic surgeon.  It is supposed to help with comfort, control, and grip.  Its design includes relief pads in key positions on the glove.  If you buy a special Pink Ribbon Edition, a part of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Awareness & Research.  Price is about $25

11.  Sklz Gyro Swing Golf Training Glub – This training club was seen on the Golf Channel’s Fore Inventor’s Only and boasts of helping with correct plane and release.  The visual aids provided by the shaft and grip along with the gyroscopic head give immediate feedback for hand placement, plane, and impact. It includes and instructional DVD.  Price is about $164.94

12.  Swing Setter Pro  – The Swing Setter by David Leadbetter follows his teaching philosophy of  the four fundamentals of swing basics:  Grip, Plane, Release, and Tempo.  This device will help any golfer develop a consistent golf swing.  Price is about $149.95

13.  Yes Golf Tiffany Series Putter – This putter produced by Yes Golf is a face-balanced putter with a heel shaft and double bent shaft.  Its very unique head design puts most of the head mass directly behind the ball and the perpendicular sight lines give players a wider ball size alignment. Price is about $150

14.  Adams Golf Insight XTD Hybrid  – This hybrid/fairway wood has the new square look with stretched corners and a somewhat shorter shaft to help create consistent contact.  This hybrid crossover uses creative engineering to maximize the benefits of shape, size, and length.  Price is about $169.99 

15.  The Golfer’s Game Book – This book is an ideal gift to yourself and your golfing friends.  You will always have a game for your next round of golf as it boasts of over 240 golf games and side bets.  It is spiral bound, has a cross-reference index (including # of players, game names, and variations), and fits in your bag for easy reference on the course.  It’s a great gift for anyone responsible for setting up the next game or tournament.  Price is about $19

Happy shopping!!




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