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Ping Serene Iron Review


Serene Irons Review


Ping is a company that sticks with their current product line. They develop a solid performer and allow the product to run it’s course over a two or three year period. Ping has recently replaced the popular Faith line with the Serene line of equipment.  Specifically designed for women, it has a classy look and color combination women should love.


The Serene club head is designed with a 17-4 stainless steel club head and appears very similar to the G20.  It features a thick top line and wide sole for increased forgiveness.  In addition, the off set design will help players get the ball in the air.  The purple grip and accents are sure to grab women’s attention.


I tested thePing Serene iron with a Ping ULT 210 Lite stock shaft in a women’s flex.  I also recruited a few of the women at my club to try the Serene irons.  I felt it was important to allow women to be part of the review since a women’s club would give skewed results for male golf professional.  Obviously, the specs of the Serene are way off from my standard specs. 

Ping did a great job of designing a forgiving iron for women players.  ThePingSerene iron produced long and straight shots.  Even with a women’s flex shaft I was hitting the Serene 7 iron approximately the same distance as myPing7 iron.  Ball flight tended to be a piercing mid to high ball flight.  My results were better than I expected. The ball traveled extremely straight even with the ladies flex shaft.  The Serene irons are super easy to hit.

I allowed three of the ladies on the range to try the Serene irons.  They basically produced a mid ball flight.  The Serene irons are designed with ultimate forgiveness in mind and designed to hit the ball high.  However, the ladies just did not generate a very fast swing speed to launch the ball with a high trajectory.  The Serene excelled from good lies where the ball is sitting up in the fairway.  Results were not as good from bare or tight lies.  Balls generally came out thin and a line drive.  The ladies were all impressed and were looking forward to trying the hybrids that complement the set.   

The Ping Serene has a light weight feel to the club.  In fact, the swing weight per iron is C4. The gap wedge through lob wedge are a bit heavier starting at C6 and ending at D0.  Ladies should enjoy the light weight which should help increase swing speed.  Impact with thePingSerene irons feels very solid, especially shots struck in the sweet spot.  The ball jumps off the face when you hit the sweet spot.  It is easy to feel how forgiving the Serene irons perform on off center hits.   

Ping Serene irons should be one of the best value clubs in the industry for women.  With a solid price point and quality product women can’t go wrong with the Serene irons.  The Serene set is typically sold with hybrids as a replacement to the 4 – 6 irons.  However, players can pick and choose what irons they prefer and the price per Serene iron with a graphite shaft is $106 per club.  Women should continue to gravitate towardsPing’s new line of Serene irons.   


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