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Golf Tips for Women

Review of Golf Tips for Women

Women are an increasing demographic in golf and potentially represent the best opportunity to grow the game.  According to the National Golf Foundation, there are approximately 5.76 million women golfers in the US and they account for 22% of the golfing population.  The following tips are general faults for women golfers.  Focus on these areas and the game will become much more enjoyable for women players. 

Get Fit with Proper Equipment 

Golf is an expensive sport.  Therefore, many women prefer to wait before making a huge investment with expensive equipment.  However, one of the worst things many women do is use their husbands old clubs.  Playing with men’s clubs usually provide the wrong length, lie angle, loft and shaft flex.  Remember, it is uncommon to witness men start with a set of ladies clubs.   

An average swing speed for women is around 70 mph while many men create swings in excess of 90 mph.  Obviously, this will not match their swing speed. Equipment that is too stiff will result in a lower ball flight and often cause shots to miss to the right.  Equipment that is not stiff enough produces more spin and higher shots that tend to miss to the left.  An incorrect lie angle can promote the shot to go farther to the right or left.  A set designed for a man who is 6 feet tall is not appropriate for a woman who is 5’4” tall.  Golf is hard enough.  Start off with appropriate equipment and the game will be much more enjoyable.    

Start Correctly

Swinging the club around your body helps increase club head speed and distance.  Unfortunately, many women begin the swing by picking the club up rather than swinging around their body.  During the takeaway, keep the club head as low to the ground as possible for as long as possible.  That should help resist the motion of picking the club up.  Completing the take away correctly also promotes a full shoulder turn. 

Start the club head low and slow for consistent results.

Accelerate Through the Ball

Decelerating is another common mistake some women make during the swing.  Rather, accelerate through thegolf ball with every swing you make, including putts, chips, pitches and full swings.  

Finish what you start. Your swing is not complete when you hit the golf ball.  Allow the momentum of the swing to turn your body toward the target.  The club should continue around the body to a position behind your neck.  A fluid golf swing will lead to a balanced follow through and finish position.   


Matt Keller, PGA

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