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Dress for the Cold Weather

How to Dress for the Cold Weather

 Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a warm climate year round or specifically visit warmer areas during the colder months.  Regardless, many still brave the cold temperatures to get their golf fix.  Golfing in cold temperatures requires some changes from your normal round.  The following are some helpful tips for staying warm during the cold, damp and windy weather conditions.  The proper clothing and adequate precautions will help you stay comfortable during uncomfortable temperatures. 

Dress in Layers 

Keep the majority of your body covered by dressing in layers.  Swinging a club can be extremely difficult if you wear a big, bulky jacket.  Rather, start with performance fabrics and moisture wicking materials for your base layer.  Add layers depending on the temperature.  The outermost layer should be wind resistant and waterproof.  Dressing in layers makes it easy to adapt to changing temperatures.  If it warms up, it should be easy to remove a layer.    

Base Layer 

The base layer provides an initial layer of moisture management and comfort that is essential for regulating body temperature by moving perspiration away from the body and allow for a warm, dry core.  The Foot Joy Pro Dry Performance Thermal Base Layer is a non-restricting fabric designed to conform to your body and help retain warmth.  The Foot Joy Pro Dry Performance Thermal Base Layer sells for a suggest retail price of $55.00. However at you will find it at $39.99.


Mid Layer

style=”font-size: 12px;line-height: normal;font-style: normal;font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif”>The mid layer adds versatility during changing weather conditions.  The mid layer features pullovers which offer stretch fabrics to ensure the golfer can swing with a complete range of motion.  Designed to stretch with your swing and insulate your body, the Nike Dri-FIT Half Zip Golf Cover Up is an excellent mid layer garment.  The Nike Dri-FIT Half Zip retails around $75.00.

  Outer Layer

The outer layer is the final piece to stay warm and dry on the golf course.  Make sure the outermost layer allows breathability and comfort for a full range of motion.  It is a good idea the outer layer repels wind and rain in the most extreme conditions.  The Under Armour Elements ColdGear Storm Full-Zip Jacket is water-resistant, stain resistant and provides unmatched warmth in the extreme cold.  In addition, it is durable with a soft outer layer and micro fleece inner layer to keep you warm.  The Under Armour Jacket retails for around $100.00.

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