Mar 25

LPGA Stars Qualify for World Golf Hall of Fame

In 2012, Lorena Ochoa will become the 25th member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, which is the Hall of Fame for LPGA Tour Players. Some consider the LPGA Tour Players to have hardest criteria to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. There is no vote from the Associated Press, former players or World Golf Hall of Fame members. LPGA Tour players have a unique points system that qualifies them for the highest honor in their sport.

In fact, Ochoa was so dominant she is one of the rare LPGA players to be inducted at such a young age. While she qualified through the LPGA points system, she has not participated for the required 10 years before induction. Therefore, she must wait until 2012 since her rookie year was in 2002.

The LPGA World Golf Hall of Fame consists of an elite set of players. To become eligible, players must earn 27 points. That doesn’t seem too difficult, right? Laura Davies’s credentials include 4 major championships, 20 total victories and a player of the year honor. However, she is 2 points short of induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Dottie Pepper had an incredible career, winning 17 tournaments including 3 major championships. She also won a Player of the Year award, scoring title and played in 6 Solheim Cups. However, she came up short of necessary 27 points.

A few dominant players qualified for the World Golf Hall of Fame at an early age, however, it takes an entire career for most players. Players earn 2 points for winning a major championship. They earn 1 point for winning a regular tournament, the scoring title or Player of the Year award. Once the player earns 27 points and plays for 10 years, they are inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Only 6 players have been inducted since 2000 and they include Judy Rankin, Donna Caponi, Marlene Hagge, Annika Sorenstam, Karrie Webb and Se Ri Pak.

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