Jun 06

Nike VR_S Covert Hybrid Review

Similar to the driver and fairway woods, the Nike VR_S Covert hybrid utilizes the high speed cavity back design to promote longer and straighter shots. Weight is distributed to the corners of the club head to promote longer and straighter shots. The dark red color with silver club face looks great. The regular Nike VR_S Covert hybrid does not offer any adjustable features and is set in a square club face position. The club head is designed with deep club face and not as round as many other hybrids. In addition, the Nike VR_S Covert hybrid incorporates the NexCor Face Technology that produces faster ball speeds and longer shots across a wider area of the club face.

nike covert hybrid I tested the Nike VR_S Covert 20 degree hybrid with the stock stiff Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 70 shaft. The Kuro Kage shaft weighs 74 grams with 4.2 degrees of torque, which is intended to produce a mid ball flight. Based on my testing results, I was disappointed in the consistency to keep the ball in play. Several balls missed to the right of the intended target. As good as the driver performed, the hybrid failed to match the performance. Ball flight was typically mid to high ball flight. Harder swings produced a higher ball flight. The Nike VR_S Covert hybrid still delivered better than average distance on solid hits. All the variables are in place, however, I just could not match the swing and club to produce a consistent desirable result. The club performed equally inconsistent from the tee and fairway. The solid hits were great while the off center hits ballooned and missed right.

While the performance of the Nike VR_S Covert hybrid was inconsistent, the club provides a nice feeling at impact. The face produces a soft feeling that feels as if the ball jumps off the club face. Impact feels good from the tee, fairway and rough. The Nike VR_S Covert hybrid features a D1 – D3 swing weight. The club head is heavy enough to allow a nice feeling of the club throughout the swing.

The Nike VR_S Covert hybrid offers a refreshing price point of $179.99. The innovative color looks cool and the club feels solid at impact. However, in my opinion, the performance was not up to par with several shots off target. While I struggled with consistent results, the Nike VR_S Covert hybrid still shows promise with some very solid shots.

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