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Nike VR_S Covert Fairway Wood

PGA Pro’s Review of the Nike VR_S Covert Fairway Wood

The first thing any golfer will notice on the Nike VR_S Covert fairway wood is the high speed cavity positioned at the rear of the sole. The cavity allows more weight to be distributed to the heel and toe creating more forgiveness and distance. The 15 degree Covert 3 wood features a 181cc club head with the attractive dark red color scheme on the crown. The regular VR_S Covert features the silver club face and sole.

nike covert fairway The Nike VR_S Covert fairway wood is designed with a shallow club face and low profile. In addition, the Covert fairway is set in a 1.5 degree open club face position that features a glued club head that does not allow for any adjustments. The Covert sets up nice at address and looks fairly easy to hit.

I tested the Nike VR_S Covert 15 degree 3 wood with the stock Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro KageBlack 60 shaft in a stiff flex. The Kuro Kage Black shaft weighs 66 grams with 4.2 degrees of torque and designed to produce mid trajectory ball flight. The Nike VR_S Covert fairway wood produced a mid to high ball flight from a tight lie and high ball flight off the tee. The club is extremely easy to get up in the air and deliver with a high ball flight on the majority of shots. Unfortunately, the VR_S Covert fairway produced inconsistent results similar to the Covert hybrid. Good shots traveled extremely well, however, several shots missed the mark off to the right. Many shots, especially off the tee, that missed to the right had a tendency to produce a ball flight that ballooned and fall short. Good shots produced excellent carry distance for a fairway wood. More practice with the Nike VR_S Covert fairway wood would probably deliver more consistent results. Overall, the club performs well and if misses could be limited the performance would be outstanding.

The Nike VR_S Covert fairway wood weighs in with a D1-D3 swing weight, typical to other fairway woods on the market. Nike claims the Covert is their hottest fairway wood ever due to the patented NexCOR Face Technology, designed to create more speed at impact with the variable face thickness. Contact maintains the soft feeling across the entire club face with a similar muted sound. Similar to the other VR_S Covert drivers and hybrids, the fairway wood feels excellent at impact. The club feels phenomenal, however, performance results fell slightly short of expectations.

The Nike VR_S Covert fairway wood has an attractive retail price of $199. The club is designed to be Nike’s most forgiving and longest fairway wood to date. The fairway wood looks sharp and feels great. Nike’s VR_S Covert fairway wood shows potential and should be a solid performer in the fairway wood department.

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