Jun 29

Nike VRS Forged Iron Review

PGA Pro’s Review of the Nike VRS Forged Iron

The Nike VR_S Forged is a solid looking iron, perfect for a mid handicap player featuring a cavity back design, medium width sole and top line. As the name suggests, they are a forged club head. The NIKE Mens VR S Irons look easy enough to hit for a high handicap player, yet still might attract the attention of a lower handicap player. Nike designed the VR_S Forged irons with a deep pocket to position the weight behind and off the club face. In addition, the PowerBow technology is designed to produce higher launch and straighter ball flight. The silver color with a small touch of black looks attractive and the club sets up nice at address. The x3x grooves place more grooves and space them closer together on the club face. Although classified as a game improvement iron, the VR_S Forged is a nice transition for a player looking to get out of a game improvement stick and move into better looking iron.

Nike-VRS-Forged-Irons-Gear-Patrol I tested the Nike VRS Forged irons with a S300 True Temper Dynalite 90 shaft. The Nike VR_S Forged are fairly easy to hit. While they produce a straight shot, they still provide the ability to work the ball in both directions. Surprisingly, ball flight was generally a mid ball flight that extended to a higher trajectory on harder swings. The club is easy to get up in the air, and compared to other game improvement types of irons, the medium width sole makes it easy to hit off any lie. The NIKE VR Forged Irons provided a nice pop in the distance category, with approximately an extra club per iron. Overall, I felt the performance and consistency is the VR_S Forged irons best asset.

Personally, I was not excited about the weighting and feel from the Forged irons. Results were generally good. However, the club felt extremely club head heavy and whippy throughout the swing. Perhaps the slightly heavier 98 gram Nippon N.S. Pro 950G HT shaft would provide a better feeling. Nike also offers a lighter graphite Fubuki shaft at 65 grams available in Senior and Regular flex. Impact produced a firmer feel off the club face. Shots in the sweet spot had a slightly quieter feel. Overall, I was not sold on the feel of the VR_S Forged irons.

The Nike VR_S Forged are a solid set of irons that will appeal to a wide range of players. Skilled players will prefer their playability while higher handicap players will enjoy their forgiveness. In addition, there are not many forged irons available for players with higher handicaps. Nike claims the NIKE Mens VR S Irons are the most technologically advanced iron they have ever designed, and the price tag reflects that with a retail price of $999.99 for a set of 8 irons with steel shaft. Although the irons look and perform good, they felt ok with a steep price tag.

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