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Nike VR_S Covert Iron Review

PGA Pro’s Review of the Nike VR_S Covert Iron

The VR_S Covert is the latest cavity back game improvement iron released by Nike. The black triangular cavity instantly pulls your attention behind the club head. However, the cavity is not noticeable at address. In addition, Nike designed an aesthetically pleasing top line and sole that is not overly thick for game improvement standards. The VR_S Covert uses more subtle lines than previous clubs that had a busier look, such as the SQ Machspeed. The weight of the Covert has been pushed to the corners to create higher and straighter shots, increase MOI and provide more forgiveness. Nike utilizes the NexCore Face Technology, which produces faster and longer shots across a bigger area of the club face. Additionally, the grooves are packed tighter together with the X3X groove pattern.

Nike-VR-S-Covert-Irons The VR_S Covert iron is designed to produce a high launch and trajectory with a straight ball flight. In general, that is exactly what the VR_S Covert iron produced. I tested the Covert in two stock shafts, the Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 70 graphite shaft and True Temper Dynalite 90 steel shaft. Both were tested in a stiff flex. The lofts are set slightly strong, which results in longer shots.

The Kuro Kage Black is a 74 gram shaft with a high torque of 4.2 degrees. Additionally, the Kuro Kage is designed to produce a mid trajectory, which is exactly what I consistently witnessed with normal swings from the Kuro Kage. The Covert felt extremely light with a firm feel at impact. The ball flight provided little movement, which will benefit any high handicap player. The stock Kuro Kage Black is available in four flexes, women, A, regular and stiff.

Results with the True Temper Dynalite 90 were better than I expected. The Dynalite shaft is heaver at 95 grams and only 1.9 degrees of torque. The Dynalite is designed to produce a high ball flight, however, I was not expecting trajectory to be so much higher than the Kuro Kage. The heavier feel was better than the Kuro Kage, and felt slightly better at impact and throughout the swing. Again, ball flight was basically straight with minimal movement left or right. One of the biggest selling points of the VR_S Covert is the forgiveness and ease of hitting high and straight shots. Distance even felt slightly longer with the Dynalite shaft. Overall, I lean toward the results of the Dynalite shaft, however, both are super easy to hit and perform well.

The Nike Covert iron produces a lightweight and hollow feel throughout the swing and impact. In particular, the The Kuro Kage produced an uncomfortably light feeling for my preference. Additionally, the Kuro Kage failed to produce solid feedback with an extremely firm feel on full swings and pitch shots.

The True Temper Dynalite shaft provides a little more weight. Coupled with the heavier shaft, I preferred the feel of the VR_S Covert with the Dynalite shaft. Impact produced a slightly better feel than the lighter Kuro Kage shaft. Overall, the firm feel and light weight club were not a personal preference.

The Nike Covert irons are specifically designed and will benefit a higher handicap player. However, mid and low handicap players might still enjoy the forgiveness of the VR_S Covert irons. The Covert irons do a nice job getting the ball up in the air and with a straight ball flight. As a game improvement stick, Nike did a fantastic job making the clubs reasonably priced. With a growing trend of increasing the price, it was refreshing to see a lower price tag on the VR_S Covert. With a solid performing club and $699 price tag for steel and $799 price for graphite, the Nike Covert irons could be one of the best steals of the season. By the way, that includes a set of 8 irons. The value of the Nike VR_S Covert is a home run with a great performance and affordable price.

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