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TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Fairway Wood

PGA Pro’s Review of the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade continues the tradition of their non-glare white crown with the RocketBallz Stage 2 fairway wood line. In addition, the grey and yellow graphics add a trendy twist to the appearance. The Stage 2 fairway wood is designed with a black club face with only three lines of grooves. In fact, the contrast of the white crown and black club face do a nice job framing the ball at address. In the address position, the club face appears slightly closed. The Stage 2 fairway wood appears slightly shallower than the original RBZ. TaylorMade designed a thinner face and positioned the Speed Pocket on the sole of the club, directly behind the club face. The RocketFuel by Matrix shaft is black with some of the same colors from the club head incorporated in as well.

TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Fairway Wood TaylorMade advertises 17+10 for the new Rocketballz Stage 2 fairway wood. Therefore, TaylorMade claims the Stage 2 will travel 27 yards farther than my current fairway wood. Personally, I really enjoyed the original RBZ fairway, so I was excited to try the new Stage 2. I tested the Stage 2 15 degree 3 fairway wood with the stock Matrix RocketFuel 60 gram shaft in stiff flex. The Matrix RocketFuel shaft has 4.5 degrees of torque produced a mid to high ball flight. The RocketBallz Stage 2 fairway wood produced solid results with typically a straight ball flight or slight draw. Obviously, the question is if the Stage 2 created an additional 27 yards. The RBZ Stage 2 produced a nice pop and a few extra yards from the tee. However, results yielded about the same distance as the original RBZ off the turf. On a positive note, the design of the club head makes it extremely easy to launch the ball in the air and produce a straight golf shot. I was a little disappointed I did not see the additional 27 yards, but the Stage 2 is easy to hit and produces solid and dependable results. Similar to the original RBZ fairway, the Stage 2 fairway wood is a great club.

The weighting of the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 feels slightly club head heavy with the 60 gram shaft. However, the fairway wood feels solid and is easy to hit. I really enjoy the softer feel the entire Stage 2 line produces at impact. In addition, impact produces a muted sound. The ball rebounds off the club face and creates a nice sensation with the shallower and thinner club face.

The RocketBallz Stage 2 fairway wood features an innovative color combination with solid results. The Stage 2 fairway is labeled with high expectations due to the superior results of the previous Rocketballz fairway wood. While I did not see the additional distance as advertised from TaylorMade, the club performs very well and is extremely easy to hit from the tee or off the turf. The TaylorMade RBZ State 2 fairway wood retails for $134.99-$249.99, which is slightly higher than the average fairway wood. Regardless, with the reputation of Stage 2 fairway wood will be a top seller, especially for those who did not pick up the original RBZ fairway wood.

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