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What we can Learn from Inbee Park

Learn How to Swing with the Correct Tempo like Inbee Park – What Everyone can Learn

Inbee Park is arguably the hottest player in the world. Everyone on the LPGA Tour knew Inbee Park’s potential, but now the rest of the world knows as well. After winning the first three majors of the season, Park came up just short of a grand slam at the Old Course at the Women’s British Open. While her amazing skill on the putting green is one of the biggest contributing factors to her recent success, her ball striking skills are also very sound. However, Park’s swing demonstrates you don’t need a “perfect” swing, rather you need a proficient and efficient swing Inbee Parkthat can be repeated over and over. Like many of her predecessors, such as Jim Furyk, Lee Trevino and even Jack Nicklaus, you need to master your own swing. While an instructor might not teach a few of Park’s moves, such as a closed stance, steep swing and flying elbow, however, it works for her. Amateur golfers can and should learn a lot from watching Park swing the club.

Tempo and Balance

The term “low and slow” to start the backswing is a fantastic swing thought. Unfortunately, many amateurs players think “grip it and rip it” on their way to lost balls and higher scores. Park maintains a beautiful tempo throughout her swing, which helps her create a consistent and repetitive swing. She begins her swing with a slow takeaway and backswing which enable her to keep her balance as good as anyone in the world. Park’s world class tempo and balance are significant contributors to her dominance.
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Smooth Swing Drill

By now everyone who has received a lesson has probably practiced the feet together drill. It is a classic drill and if you swing too quickly, obviously, you will lose your balance. But the following drill will help teach a “smooth” swing. Similar to Inbee Park, her swing is slow and smooth. Even if the swing is quicker, you still need to keep a smooth backswing, transition and downswing. Lets assume you hit a 7 iron 150 yards. Take your set up, keep your body, hands and arms relaxed and make a smooth swing and hit the ball 75 yards. Practice hitting the shot a few times. Next, try hitting the ball 100 yards. Again, repeat the swing and move to a 125 yard shot. Finally, make a normal swing and hit the ball 150 yards. By the time you get to a full swing, the drill should have helped develop a “smooth and efficient” swing. In addition, you should notice the ball going straighter.

Copy Inbee Park’s Putting Stroke

Park creates an effortless and tension free putting stroke. For the last two years, she has averaged only 28 putts per round. At her level, everyone is a solid ball striker and the short game ultimately decides who often wins a tournament. However, amateur players can significantly improve their putting by coping Park’s tension free swing putting stroke.


The following drill will help you create a tension free swing. Clench your hand into a fist tightly and hold it for 5-10 seconds. Next, let go and feel the relaxed feeling in your hands and arms. You lose control of your muscles when they are tight. Think of your putting stroke, or any swing in golf and you should feel much more comfortable in a relaxed state. The next time you go out, keep your hands, arms and body relaxed, rather than creating unnecessary tension. Staying relaxed with a light grip pressure will help you make a few more putts each round, especially from short range.

Below is a video to view Inbee Park’s full Swing

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