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Tips for Women to Generate More Power

PGA Pro’s Advice for Women to Gain More Power

Almost everyone wants to hit the ball farther. Many women are forced to rely on their short game when they lack the distance to regularly hit greens in regulation. Obviously, increasing strength and flexibility are one reasonable way to increase distance. However, without purchasing a gym membership, there are a few simple techniques you can try first. Swinging without creating excessive and unnecessary movements will help lead to more distance.

Grip, Aim, Set Up

The proper fundamentals are a sure way to maximize the distance you hit the ball. Pre-swing fundamentals include the grip, aim and set up. As I have said before, the golf swing is dependent on doing the previous move correctly. Therefore, it all starts by addressing the ball correctly.
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Strengthen the Grip

One sure way to lose distance is to start off with a weak grip. In a weak grip position, a player will only see one (or none) knuckles on the left hand. In addition, you form a “V” between the index finger and thumb on both hands. A neutral or stronger grip will allow you to see at least two knuckles on the left hand while the “V’s” on both hands will point in the same direction toward the right ear or right shoulder. The weak grip will make it extremely difficult to square the club face and nearly impossible to close the club face through impact, often creating a slice. However, a neutral or strong grip will offer the ability to square or close the club face through impact, which should lead to straighter and more powerful shots.

Create a Wide Base

Many lateral movements are compounded by standing with a narrow base where the feet are too close together. Set up with the insteps of your feet shoulder width. The golf swing is a rotational movement that is supported with a wider base. The wider set up will help support the rotational movement of the swing and cut down on lateral movement.

Maintain Your Posture

Set up to the ball with the correct posture. Allow your knees to bend slightly and bend at your waist to create your spine angle. The idea is to maintain your spine angle throughout your swing. One of the most common swings faults is where a player stands up from their original spine angle throughout the swing, which incidentally leads to inconsistent shots.

Keep the Lower Body Stable

During the takeaway, stretch your arms away while maintaining your hips and knees in their original position. The idea is to prevent the lower body from over rotating. Since many women are flexible, overturning can potentially destroy the ability to uncoil, thus preventing a powerful downswing.

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