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Playing in Bad Weather

Submitted by mkeller on Sun, 12/07/2008 – 22:13.

In one of the previous articles, the topic was playing in windy conditions, and learning how to control the trajectory of your ball flight. When you think of poor playing conditions, this should quickly come to mind. However, we are going to look at other poor conditions to play golf.

Let’s face it, playing golf in the rain isn’t much fun. If you play any competitive golf, there will be times you are forced to play in these conditions. The good news is everyone else also must play in the same conditions. First, you must remain positive. Expect it to be a mentally and physically challenging day. When it rains, you’re ball striking will suffer. You will rely on your short game to save you shots. Balls will react differently once they hit the green. You can be more aggressive on chips and pitches with the softer surfaces. Your putting stroke can be more aggressive. Wet greens will be slower and break less.

Be prepared. Have an umbrella, rain suit, gloves and towels. At the turn you might want to change clothes (quickly, you want to avoid being penalized for a slow pace of play). The biggest battle is keeping your hands and grips dry. Once you lose that battle your in for a long day. To help fight this battle, you might want to make a small investment in a pair of rain gloves. You should be able to pick up a pair for around $20. The nice aspect of rain gloves is you don’t have the frustration of trying to keep everything dry. You simply immerse the gloves in water, put them on, and they will help you maintain your grip no matter how hard the rain is coming down.

I hope this gives you an idea of things to expect when playing in poor conditions. When I play in these situations, I mentally prepare myself to expect the worst, and hope for the best. You never know what will happen on the dreary, windy and rainy days.

Matthew Keller, PGA

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