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Anna Rawson Golf Lessons


Anna Rawson – I’ve Never Had a Golf Lesson Like This

All right, so I ran across an article with video on how to hit a checked wedge shot. I need this because my version of a checked wedge shot is to check and see if I remembered to bring the club – mostly because I hate it so much, generally opting for a sand wedge.

anna 3And then, what should appear but this very attractive professional golfer from the LPGA, giving an excellent lesson on that very shot, although the teaching style is a little distracting. OK, here we go:
Step one – the mood music is cued up, and Anna Rawson is bouncing a golf ball off the face of the club, just like Tiger does it – only different. She tells me that by perfecting this shot, the golf ball will become my _ _ _ _ _! Become my what? I don’t want one of those! Mind you, this is a card-carrying LPGA pro.
Use a high loft club, she says – a sand wedge will do. Great, got one. But first, we watch a slo-mo of her taking the club out of the bag, while a bemused, diminutive and bumbling male caddie in a sampan tries to help. Lift creates spin, she says – got it. Uh, what did she say? What creates spin? Oh, right!

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She reminds us to clean the grooves on the club before attempting a checked wedge shot, or it won’t spin. She reminds the “guys” that in this case, dirty isn’t sexy. Hey, ease up, I’m trying to hit a checked wedge shot here. Now I feel like I’m hiding magazines from my mother, and haven’t properly combed my hair before we’ve been introduced.

The next step is that she winks at us – but it’s ok. The wink is satirical enough to avoid putting any stock in it. Play the club in the rear of the stance, she says. Where? Would you repeat that? Rear of stance – I can’t do that. That’s where my best shanks come from – oh all right, I’ll give it a try, but only because you asked.

anna 2 Low finish, she tells me, to improve accuracy. She proceeds to hit an apparently beautiful shot, but we don’t get to see how close it comes to the cup. But the next wink assures us that it was a good shot, so we still believe.
Swing shallow and wide, and don’t forget to hit the ball first on the way down. How else is it going to spin? This shot isn’t for the faint-hearted, after all, and neither is the golf lesson. At the end of the video, we see Rawson hitting several more successful checked wedge shots, before she turns to the camera and says, “too hot to stop.” A second later, she throws the club on the ground and exits the picture. Huh? What was that about? Was it something I said?

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The whole thing is done beautifully tongue-in-cheek, and works even better with an Australian accent that would sound steamy reciting a jury summons. Still, old guys may want to check pacemakers and aspiring young male golfers should bring some parental company.

Rawson really does play golf seriously. Born in ’81, she was modeling at 16, was a finalist for a prestigious magazine cover and won a bunch of golf tournaments in 1999. These included the South Australia and Victoria Junior Championships, the Jack Newton International Junior Classic, and the Australian Amateur Championship for the next two years. She played for the University of Southern California in college, and has been full-time on the tour since 2009.

And, I repeat, she can really hit a good checked wedge shot. After that video, though, it’s hard to say whether I ever will. I seem to have trouble remembering it just the way she outlined it. Anyway, that was…a very…uh, interesting golf lesson.

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