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Pure Strike Golf

Pure Strike Golf

Pure Strike Golf has been labeled the next significant advancement in golf instruction. Pure Strike Golf is designed by the founder of Medicus, Bob Koch, along with Medicus master instructors Chuck Evans and Dave Wedzik. Pure Strike believes in 5 key fundamentals found in every good ball striker from Bobby Jones to Tiger Woods. The following 5 characteristics are the foundation of Pure Strike Golf.

Steady Head

Research indicates the average PGA Tour player only moves his head one inch during the backswing and even less during the downswing. Amateur players often create unnecessary lateral movements with their head. Rather, focus on trying to maintain a steady head throughout the backswing and downswing.

Weight Forward

The average PGA Tour player places 80-95% of their weight on his front foot at impact. Research indicates the average amateur player gets 55% of his weight on the front foot. Others actually get 70-75% weight forward, however, they shift their weight back to the right leg on the downswing. The correct weight shift is necessary for solid contact.

Flat Left Wrist

Compare any good ball striker and notice they keep the left wrist flat and deliver the club with a forward shaft lean at impact. The left arm, wrist and hands lead while the club head lags behind. The club and left arm do not form a straight line until after impact. The flat left wrist provides the necessary downward angle of attack to compress the golf ball and make solid contact.


Diagonal Sweet Spot Path

Pure Strike Golf acknowledges golf is played on a tilted plane instead of a vertical or horizontal plane. The backswing creates a path that travels back, up and inward followed by forward, down and out during the downswing. The club needs to remain on the correct plane to deliver the sweet spot on the golf ball at impact.

Clubface Control

The final key of Pure Strike Golf is clubface control. Clubface control produces a shot that starts and curves in the intended direction. The movement of the clubface from the takeaway to the follow through is essential for clubface control.

Good ball strikers understand and implement the 5 fundamentals of Pure Strike Golf. If you are interested in learning more about Pure Strike Golf check out the DVD collection available for sale.

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