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Trump and the LPGA

Golf Course Magnate Trump and LPGA Tournaments at His Courses

Involvement between American presidential candidate Donald Trump and the Ladies Professional Golf Association isn’t as potent a question as one might think. Officially, Mr. Trump has no real dealings with the women’s tour, unlke his contracts with the PGA.  The question of which tournaments are to be played at which courses, however, does come up – such as the U.S. Women’s Open to be played on a Trump course about nine months from now. The ensuing question, considering the emergence of recent accusations unfavorable to the well-being of women is this – if someone is going to raise an objection to playing a women’s event at a Trump course, who should it be?

trumpThe players themselves have the right to either individually skip an event, or collectively insist that a change be made. A group decision would be made, perhaps, of noble stuff, but could also stick a knife in one’s profession,and the tour itself, the vehicle by which one practices one’s profession. It could also produce hostility between players that disagree with one point of view or another. No one has looked into the mind of all LPGA players concerning Trump, and no one should assume that all answers would be the same.
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Maybe Michael Whan, the LPGA Commissioner, is the right man for the job, but even here, there are things to consider. Whan has built up a healthy international tour with expanding ggeography, purses, and TV profile. Unlike Mr. Trump, Whan is highly regarded for the way he looks out for LPGA members, and he has a penchant for making pretty good decisions. It’s not his job to get political or go off on a crusade unless his players really demonstrate the need and desire for him to do so. Otherwise, his job remains to strengthen the health of his tour, and to take care of his people, all professionals in the industry.

Fortunately, Mr. Whan is off the hook for charging into the fray, armed with idealism and good wishes. The USGA exists for the protection of the game, and is the perfect entity for making such decisions. Considering the situation, it is the perfect institution to which the tour and its commissioner can turn, without ruining any of its own prospects, tarnishing its good name, or displaying cowardice of any kind.
Find Cheap Flights for Over 450 Airlines!Save up to $15◊ with Promo Code: CHEAPAIR15My next question pertains to the actual tournaments played on Trump courses. Since the business mogul has made it clear that the leading American beauty pageant is his property, and he can go anywhere he wants, why could he not do the same on one of his own golf courses? Who has the power when the LPGA brings its people onto Trump real estate? Even considering Trump’s unwanted inclinations, it is hard to imagine him intruding on a player’s actual game, but there are peripheral events and clubhouses. On the course, attack dogs and mace may not be necessary, but one never knows. Fortunately, tv cameras are everywhere.
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This far out, there shouldn’t be much trouble finding another venue for the U.S. Women’s Open, but soon, people begin making travel plans. If the USGA is going to alter the schedule as it stands, sooner is probably better. As for Mr. Trump himself, there are also new things to consider. His businesses are already taking a hit, and with a  generation of strong, athletic golfers who are increasingly intolerant of what used to create mass silence, “taking a hit” might acquire a whole new meaning for the 70 year old tycoon, who seems stuck in another time. As for me, I’m with the players being free from having to make such a decision unless they want to, and the same goes for Mr. Whan. I look to the USGA as the best place for the game to be protected, if they believe it is in any way under threat.


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