Apr 01

Callaway Solaire for Women

Beginner Sets of Golf Clubs

Callaway Solaire 9 piece Set Golf Clubs for Women

Callaway Solaire 9 piece Set Golf Clubs for Women
From Callaway comes the stylish Solaire 9 piece Set Golf Clubs for Women with updated technology for the beginner golfer. This Energy Efficient design has been developed to allow beginning golfers to hit it longer and straighter right from the beginning of their golfing experience. These stylish golf clubs are the result of the Callaway’s research team. They have been able to match these clubs to a beginner’s swing speed. They are not just a pretty set of golf clubs but a very forgiving set that allows new golfers to quickly have success.

Set Includes:

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Patricia Fletcher Tate was born into a golf family. Her father, Pat Fletcher was one of the most respected golf professionals in Canada. Known as a tournament winner, successful Head Pro, and respected teacher he was a dedicated mentor to young professionals. The playing of golf and the business golf were constant dinner topics.

Pat has always been an avid player and student of the game and has sought out instruction from a number of gifted golf professionals. She has taken particular interest in swing mechanics and her deep rooted desire to play better golf led to her writing and publishing Golf Simplified.