Mar 12

Staying Motivated

In my previous blog I talked about stretching exercises that are beneficial to the longevity of your golf enjoyment.  If we can stay healthy and pain free, obviously golf should be more enjoyable.  The next few entries will include different exercises to assist in strength training, focusing on the upper body, core, and lower body. 

Training programs are wonderful, however, if you are like most people, how do you stay motivated to continue with the program?  It’s easy in the beginning, but what do you do a couple months into the program when it starts to become boring and repetitive?  

One solution is to get into a class, so it will become more of a social atmosphere.  Fitness centers will always have aerobics, swimming, yoga, and plenty of other activities to keep your body active.  When you look forward to seeing some people to work out with, it should be more enjoyable.  If a class is not for you, I highly recommend finding a friend to work out with.  On the days when you are not motivated, hopefully your partner can motivate you.

 Another option is to change your workout routine.  Going through the same, repetitive program will get boring.  Change your routine regularly.  Focus on different areas on different days.  That should help make each day of exercise not so repetitive. Remember, I have only highlighted a few exercises.  Check with a trainer to develop a more intense plan.  Remember to switch your routine so it is not so repetitive.

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