George Skipworth

has spent every available moment playing golf or studying the greats since the 60s, in between world tours as a classical musician, Harvard studies in Government or as the author of a dozen novels. Nicklaus and Snead may be the statistical greats, but Skipworth is a life-long devotee of Gary Player, and considers meeting the South African at the Jeld-Wen to be an unforgettable milestone. His driving passion in golf these days is to raise viewer interest in the LPGA.

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Aug 19

Senior Golf Heartbreak: The YIPS

I first heard this odd term in my teens when one of the greats attributed it to an important missed putt. It sounded to me like a momentary flinch, a character flaw of sorts, and although YIPS doesn’t stand for “Your Incompetent Putting Stroke,” some of its victims might think that it does. Probably coined …

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Aug 18

Morgan Pressel: The Responder

I admit to falling behind once in a while with the arrival of great young players. However, the American wave that brought Morgan Pressel onto the tour was pointed out to me by a fellow golf fanatic.  He said, “You’ve got to see this kid play. The fans are crazy about her. She’s a total …

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Aug 16

Golf Longevity…It’s a Stretch

I haven’t wiffed a golf ball since I was eight, but it almost happened last week on the first tee with my adult nephews looking on. A wave of “Oh no! It’s finally happened. I’m old!” swept over me. As I thought about it later, it became clear that I got exactly what I deserved …

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Aug 13

Thanks, Chi-Chi!

For those who grew up with golf in the sixties through the eighties, we got to watch a pretty colorful cast of characters each week. We had the intense, the suave, the unruffled and the stormy…and we had Chi-Chi. Juan Antonio Rodriguez, Chi-Chi, was a serious golfer, no doubt about it, but amidst all the …

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Aug 11

The Powers Behind Amateur Golf: How They Got Here

Callaway Mystery Offer – Save 10, 15 or 20% The word amateur has always carried two or more edges of meaning. In a twentieth and twenty first century age of specialization, it has suffered the same fate as Renaissance man, suggesting both commercial invalidity and a dubious quality standard. The condescension is neatly encapsulated within …

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Aug 09

Golf Gems of the Cascades: Oregon Mountain Courses

Visit almost any region of North America, and you’ll find championship golf courses. In the home states of Nicklaus and Palmer (and the USGA itself), you’ll find more than a few. We know about Pebble Beach, and Georgia’s a given. As in other things, however, there’s a blank spot in the national consciousness where the …

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Aug 06

Where Have All the Manners Gone?

 The lexicon of phrases reserved for drivers who sit and stare at green lights  is rich and ancient. My favorite golfing aunt, however, had the best response of all. As I sat next to her on the way to the course in her little yellow Rambler,        she’d say, “Come on, Sir (or Ma’am), Mark your …

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Aug 03

My Golf Swing: The One Thing I Do Know (I Think)

  “You’re swinging too fast! Quit trying to kill it! Slower backswing! Pause at the top! Stroke it, slow down!” These phrases have been uttered so often through the years that they probably go in one ear and out the other for many of us, whether we realize it or not. If someone ever set …

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Aug 01

Remembering Patty Berg

Somewhere in the late fifties, I received a bag of golf clubs from my aunt, who had moved on to more modern technology. There were clubs from every make, style and century – mashies and niblicks, brassies and spoons – woods with enough loft to replace a sand wedge and gnarled old putters made by …

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Jul 30

My One-Iron: My Wonderful, Awful One-Iron

  Not long ago, I read  an excellent article that itemized the failings of the purportedly obsolete one-iron, along with a separate list of suggested uses for it, none of which had anything to do with golf. Reminding us of Lee Trevino’s joke about holding the club up in a lightning storm (because no one …

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