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Feb 14

Bob Rotella Principles Good for All of Us

Noted Sports Psychologist Rotella Teaches Good Principles for Even the Worst Golfer Among Us Dr. Bob Rotella is about as big time as it gets in golf psychology. He works with the big guys, but his ten principles for a competitive round, and his ten rules for mental fitness work for all of us, even …

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Feb 11

Goats for Caddies – Uh-Oh!

Leave It to Oregon to Train Goats as a Golfer’s Best Friend The Silvies Ranch in Eastern Oregon has been around for over a century, and has done quite well for a location unknown to even most Oregonians. The ranch serves Grant County. Eastern Oregon is largely devoid of people, forests, and other Oregon symbols, …

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Feb 07

Stay in the “Now” With the Driver

Where Do Our Minds Go When We Stand on the Tee Box Holding the Driver? So, I’ve been reading the Power of Now, and listening to youtube examples of Eckhart Tolle speak about it. Now, don’t stop reading. I know it’s a little on the periphery of normal thinking, but it’s starting to make a …

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Feb 04

Distance, Stature, and Winning

How Does it Work When Diminutive Golfers Win Without Distance? It has haunted my own game since I took it up as a child, and to detach the idea of driving distance from an external image of my persona as a golfer was extremely difficult. In fact, I’m not really sure that I ever got …

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Jan 31

The Short Game – Boring?

Lower Scores are Never Boring, and We Need a Short Game to Do It Face it, men. We haven’t really thought this through properly. Women have made better sense of it than we have, but even they need a moment to reflect. We have grown up in a love affair with our drivers. If you …

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Jan 28

Recovery Golf-Biggest Part of Game

The More Average We Are, the More We Need a Recovery Game For the bulk of my life, I have watched the single greatest lesson in golf go by again and again – and it still goes right over my head every time. For hundreds of tournaments watched over the decades, I have jumped to …

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Jan 23

Climate Change Shows Golf No Respect

Climate Change is Endangering Golf Courses, both Pedigreed and Munis My opinions on the reality of climate change are immaterial to the discussion, because I don’t know the details of the science. However, we don’t need to be rocket scientists to know that something is happening, and that we are in the way. Whatever sort …

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Jan 21

Kang Relates Assault Story

Did Danielle Kang’s New Champion Status Increase Danger? Danielle Kang entered the LPGA in 2011, playing her first tournament in Arkansas. She didn’t win until 2017, but when she did, it was a major, the KPMG U.S. Women’s PGA Championship. It made sense that victories would eventually come. After all, Kang had won the U.S. …

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Jan 17

The Golf Rules Quiz

What We Don’t Know About the Rules Might Amaze Us Most of us have, without a doubt, run into the vast variety of quizzes available on the internet, and often spread on Facebook, that test our general world knowledge. We are tempted with “I’ll bet you can’t beat this score.” And, if you do, the …

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Jan 14

Yips – Bare Feet and Five-Irons

Yips Discussion Emerges Again with Interesting Solutions I don’t believe that I’ve ever experienced the yips.  On the other hand, I am often simply a poor putter. It is a reflex for me, and for many of us, to connect the yips with that part of the game, and I have a relatively ignorant explanation …

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