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Nov 27

Golf Injuries

When More than your Score Hurts: Golf Injuries Meet Dr. Divot I can remember that period of life when we all bounced out of bed to begin our days, and on those days that included golf, we bounced up to the driving range in the very same way, did a two-second stretch to impress the …

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Apr 02

Did Rachel Uchitel really receive a $10M Tiger Woods settlement?

OK, let’s say this right off the bat. What you’re about to read could be a cheap April Fool’s Day joke. I kind of hope it is, because the alternative — that it’s true — turns my stomach. TMZ is reporting that Rachel Uchitel — you know, the Tiger Woods mistress whose unmasking the day …

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Mar 31

Should The Shoulders Turn In The Putting Stroke

You often hear about the turning of the arms through impact in the golf swing. It is referred to as supination, a term that was introduced by Ben Hogan. Pronation is used to describe the turning of the arms on the backswing. Before I get into how this relates to putting, I want you to …

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Mar 30

Open Your Stance When Your Putting Goes Awry

Putting touch can come and go. In other articles I have addressed some possible on the course corrections for when your touch is off on any given day. But what about when your distance is pretty good, but you can’t seem to get the ball started on the right line? Chances are if you are …

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Mar 22

Golf Channel, ESPN conduct five-minute Tiger interviews

The Golf Channel and ESPN have conducted the first sit-down interviews with Tiger Woods since his Thanksgiving accident and subsequent revelations of infidelity. The interviews were conducted on Sunday afternoon by the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghmann and ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi in Florida, and each network was allotted approximately five minutes. The full Golf Channel interview …

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Mar 18

Tiger’s press conference a dig at Accenture

On February 17, Tiger Woods announced he’d be holding his first press conference since his accident in November. It so happened to be the same week as the Accenture Match Play was going on, an event sponsored by a company that used to pay Woods hefty endorsement money. When the infidelity news hit the presses, …

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Mar 17

Augusta is right for Tiger, but Tiger’s not right for Augusta

Yes, Tiger is coming back to Augusta, and we’ve said for quite some time here about how good it sets up for Tiger — familiar course, friendly gallery, protective club, respectful media. All true. But what about whether it’s good for the game of golf in general, and Augusta in particular? Now, I’m not a …

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Mar 16

Steve Stricker not quite thrilled about Tiger at Augusta

First off, Tiger Woods — or at least a poorly-impersonated version thereof — will be on South Park this Wednesday. Awesome. If there are any family-friendly clips, we’ll have ’em. Over the weekend, we received no more clues about when Woods might return — it might be later this month, it might be at Augusta, …

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Mar 15

Els wins at Doral for 2nd world title

Ernie Els

Ernie Els worked harder than ever Sunday to win the CA Championship. Two years without a victory—the longest drought of his career—and playing with all the pressure against a South African protege whom he helped groom for such a stage, Els played the final 23 holes without a bogey on the Blue Monster and closed …

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Mar 12

Tiger eyes controlled return

For Tiger Woods it appears a controlled environment will win out over a chance for a competitive one. Tiger is “likely” to stage his return to golf at the Masters according to The Associated Press. If so, the April 8-11 tournament will end what will be a self-imposed (and mostly unnecessary) four-month hiatus from the …

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