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Feb 20

Tiger and the President

Tiger, the President and Match Play: He’s a Lefty, All Right! All right, national leaders get to do this sort of thing if they really want to, and it’s easy to understand why they would. Last week, President Obama and Tiger Woods got together for a round of golf at the Floridian Yacht and Golf …

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Dec 17

LPGA and PGA Qualifying

LPGA and PGA Qualifying: Putting the World Through the Ringer Again this year, I was happy to see that great players on both men’s and women’s tours are qualifying from a lot of different places.  If all your winners during the year are from one continent, something’s wrong with golf. It even applies to age …

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Nov 29

Bellies and Broom-handles Under Threat: Putting Changes

Bellies and Broom-handles Under Threat: Putting Changes The big fuss being made over the anchored stroke versus the free-swinging stroke is nothing new. We just think it is because the percentage of pros employing anchored putters has suddenly risen over the past few years. Orville Moody won a Senior Open over three decades ago by …

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Feb 10

The LPGA: Going Gangbusters

I read an article this morning that announced the beginning of the LPGA’s new season, starting at the Women’s Australian Open this week at the Royal Melbourne. I’m aware that there are LPGAs all over the place, but when you say it out loud, everyone knows which one you’re really talking about. Not only has …

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Jan 13

New Kid in Town: Golf World Gets Tebowed!

Like so much of America, I’ve been bitten by the Tim Tebow bug, especially with the New England Patriots lying in wait for the surprising Broncos this weekend. I like the guy, and I have no reason to rip on him for any reason. Not everything demands a moralistic response. Things are often just what …

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