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Dec 20

Play the Lie? Don’t Think So

Respecting the Rule Book is Fine, but Sometimes It Surpasses Ridiculous I watched a youtube video the other day that in terms of logic, was an absolute horror. Somehow, a young golfer got out onto a frozen lake or large pond, where his golf ball sat. His intent, of course, was to go out there …

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Nov 15

Golf Rules for the Birds

Some Rules Just Need to Go, While Others Need to be Enacted Josh Sens of wrote an article this week entitled the 8 Supidest Rules in Golf, and boy howdy did he ever nail it! Weekenders like me watch the pros go through these terrible trials, in which they are sometimes unjustly punished for …

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Sep 24

Golf’s Maddening Rules

Golf’s Rules Costs Strokes Losing Strokes to ‘Outside Agents’ After years, and particularly the past few weeks, of watching penalty strokes being assessed or not being assessed based on a variety of incidents, I’m starting to fray at the ends trying to understand  one’s responsibilities where the results of his game are concerned. For a …

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Jul 12

Golf’s Odd Rules

The Rules Of Golf Baffle Many of Us Again, we witnessed an odd ending to a major event this week, when Anna Nordqvist, in the midst of a sudden death playoff, was coolly informed that she had lost the tournament a hole before. What was intended to be a gripping finale of an LPGA major …

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Oct 15

de Chambeau – College Drop-out?

Bryson de Chambeau Has No Choice We’re all pretty sure by now that Bryson de Chambeau is one heck of a golfer, at least in the amateur ranks – and that’s where the pros come from. It works for me. It’s also safe to say that the dynamic young man who has, in the last …

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Apr 16

Disqualified from LPGA Play

LPGA Rules for Disqualification Lots to Remember Over the years, we’ve all seen a host of disqualifications from both the men’s and women’s tours, some of them over seemingly nothing when looking at the small picture. In retrospect, there’s so much to be said for rule uniformity, and both tours have remained rabid on adherence, …

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Oct 19

Slow Play In Golf

  The Two Sides of Slow Play     Several sports organizations have decided to address the problem of slow play this year, including baseball and basketball. The shot clock seems to be the standard target for these tweakings, and in the case of golf, it is hoped that a good ten seconds can be …

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Oct 26

Fan DQs Simon Dyson at BMW

  Simon Dyson’s Infraction Caught By a Fan     Golf is such a weird game. The rules were drawn up by NASA, and you need an extra college degree just to memorize them – or you need enough income to hire someone to memorize them for you, come along to the tournaments and monitor …

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Oct 19

Cheating on Tour

Cheating on Tour – Careful with that Word Tiger Wood’s agent, Mark Steinberg, is right about anyone being accused of cheating – it’s a huge deal (unless we’re talking about Mississippi Riverboat gamblers or pirates). Any iffy moment on the golf course that straddles the border between knowing and not knowing the rules, maybe grounding …

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Apr 13

Penalties and DQs: What’s Your Beef with Augusta?

Should Tiger Have Been Disqualified When an event is this big, the amount of detail work is unfathomable. When that’s all done, there’s another huge job in monitoring the real time unfolding of the tournament. Apparently, the latest round started with an alert from a TV viewer, and some interesting expressions, previously hidden, are coming …

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