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Feb 25

Relationships with Every Golf Club

Which Golf Club do You Love or Hate Oh, go on and admit it. Those of us who take golf seriously, sometimes too seriously, have anthropomorphised golf clubs into relationships that represent iconic types of delightful and destructive human interactions. I’ve known one or two men through the years who take this to the extreme, …

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Dec 24

Holiday Memories and Look to Spring

How the Holiday Season Has Changed Whatever holiday it is that a person celebrates, so long as it is a harbor for good memories, it still relates to what I’ve been feeling this morning. For me, it’s Christmas, and I’ll confess that I’m talking about the nostalgic memories and a little about the commercial side. …

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Dec 20

Play the Lie? Don’t Think So

When to Play the Lie Respecting the Rule Book is Fine, but Sometimes It Surpasses Ridiculous I watched a youtube video the other day that in terms of logic, was an absolute horror. Somehow, a young golfer got out onto a frozen lake or large pond, where his golf ball sat. His intent, of course, …

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Oct 22

Golf in Wind and Rain

Wind and Rain Affect Your Golf Hit Low and Consider Not Playing at All I noticed on the news the other day that they went ahead and started an LPGA event in China just days after a typhoon roared through, Most of us have seen major thunderstorms at one time or another, and some of …

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Feb 16

Golfers and Interruptions

How golfers respond to interruptions Not Even the Nicest People Immune So, a guy walks into a proshop…and it turns out to be Bill Murray, the most beloved amateur golf caricature in the history of cinematic farce – the Caddyshack guy. He’s out at Pebble Beach, an appearance he makes every year, to participate in …

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Nov 30

Thanksgiving on the Greatest Little Driving Range in the World

Thanksgiving Brotherly Golf Love I’m sure that we all spent Thanksgiving in a variety of ways, and hope that they were enjoyed by all. I ate myself into oblivion like many of us do. It’s a day where “shouldn’t” is harder to find in the vocabulary. Before I did that, though, I took the greatest …

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May 20

Golf Cart Lunacy

Golf Cart Hot Rods Almost everyone who can remember being a teenager (more often men, I think) can remember an episode or two of inappropriate binges behind the wheel. For those of us who have more modest memories, we can still remember friends who were, by our standards, off the charts. In my case, I …

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Mar 07

What Are We Waiting For? Go For It!

What Are We Waiting For? Go For It! Tom Dorsel wrote a recent article for the San Antonio-News about fear, aggression and golf. It was entitled, “Golf: The Mental Game,” and my only objection to its content was that he didn’t write it a million years ago, so that I could get over whatever I …

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Jan 31

Golf Character 2

Golf Character – On the Other Hand! Two days ago, I expounded on the woes of non-professional golfers, our inability to make golf fantasies come true once we reach the course or leave the driving range, and our tendency to fold after the first bad shots because we can’t recover like those guys on TV. …

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Jan 17

Golf Travel Log – Aron and the Tour’s Unexpected Ending

Remembering Aron I’ve enjoyed traveling the country, picking up tidbits about courses, schools, players and tournaments. This continent, from top to bottom, is so interesting in terms of terrain and culture, and it’s easy to see why the game of golf has prospered here to such a degree. Yesterday, we were to cross the Mexican …

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