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Oct 01

Relationships On The Golf Course

Maintaining And Establishing Relationships On The Golf Course To outsiders, golf can seem like a very lonely sport. Even when you are playing with a group, everyone scatters out after their drives to their individual shots. But, perhaps surprisingly, women golfers find they form lasting relationships—both on and off the course—because of the sport. In …

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Sep 27

Golf Terms

Misunderstood Golf Terms Revealed In Misunderstood Golf Terms Revealed, we will look at some of the most misunderstood golf terms encountered when playing the game. In order to understand the rules of golf, you must first understand the terminology. Learning the rules of golf is a daunting task, which is why most golfers will have …

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Sep 16

Women’s Golf Clothes

Improved Women’s Golf Apparel Apparent On The Course Take a look at the players on the LPGA tour and you will see how much women’s golf fashion has changed. Women are no longer restricted to wearing frumpy polo shirts and pleated khaki shorts on the course. Women’s golf apparel has become more fashion-forward, more versatile, …

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Sep 10

LPGA Rescinds English Only Ploicy

The LPGA has decided to rescind their controversial language policy. They recently announced a policy that would require all players currently on tour to become fluent in English speaking in two years or be suspended. They also proposed to make English speaking a requirement to join the tour. This was an inderstandable stance by the …

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Sep 09

Dress Codes On The Course

Dress Well Or Play Well? A great debate rages in the world of golf. It has nothing to do with how you play the game, but it has everything to do with what you wear on the course. Whether or not golf courses should have dress codes, and just how strict those dress codes should …

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Aug 17

Business And Women’s Golf

Everyone has heard of using golf to impact business but do you know how to use it to your advantage? Should women even try to use golf in relation to their business? What could be better than having several uninterrupted hours with your boss or that special business client? Golf will give you a chance …

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Aug 11

Women Playing

Are Women Playing A-Round On Your Golf Course? Have you noticed an increasing number of women playing ‘a-round’ on your golf course? They are out in force these days, laughing and enjoying camaraderie like never before. You see them in the 19th Hole grouped around tables, going over scorecards, and tossing in dimes, quarters, and …

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Jul 09

Today’s Seniors Golf Clubs

Senior golf clubs are suitable for many different players. There is an old joke that says baseball players retire to play golf, football players retire to play golf, hockey players retire to play golf, but golfers don’t retire to play baseball, football or hockey. Amusing, yes but this is also very true. The golf industry …

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Jul 03

My Putter – My Favorite Golf Club!

I love my putter ! I like the feel of it, the look of it, the weight of it, and the smooth swing I make with it. When I stand over the ball my putter gives me the confidence I need to sink the ball. With 50% of all our shots being putts is this …

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