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Jan 14

Yips – Bare Feet and Five-Irons

Yips Discussion Emerges Again with Interesting Solutions I don’t believe that I’ve ever experienced the yips.  On the other hand, I am often simply a poor putter. It is a reflex for me, and for many of us, to connect the yips with that part of the game, and I have a relatively ignorant explanation …

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Dec 06

Morgan Hoffmann Will Continue Playing

Morgan Hoffmann Will Continue Playing

Five-year Pro Hoffmann is Fighting MD, but Keeps Swinging The odds are long for anyone who tries to compete at an international level in a physically demanding game or sport. Few things in competition require the kind of finesse and fine motor control that golf demands, and the weeding out process is harsh. However, in …

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Nov 27

Keeping Golf Skills Up Through Winter

Golf Skills

Do We Have to Reinvent Golf Skills Every Year? We’re Not Bears! By bringing up the question of keeping our golf skills sharp through the winter months, I’m thinking less of younger players, although there’s much to learn for them as well.  We humans are tested by the seasons, just like every other creature on …

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Jan 10

Explaining Golf’s Pleasures to Uninitiated

golf's pleasures

Golf’s Pleasures Just A Link Away Every sport has its disciples who swear by its exhaustive list of sensory and health pleasures. They also have a corresponding group of skeptics that wonder aloud, “Why would anyone do that?” Baseball, football, curling, badminton – golf…they all have it, even boxing, so they say. The naysayers don’t …

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Jul 02

Brooke Henderson’s Resources

Brooke Henderson Just Goes And Goes Ah, youth. I can remember it well, except its sensations of instant physical ability, limitless possibilities, and a gas tank that never seemed to run dry, in the body, mind, or heart. If I had a match at the course where I spent much of my youth, the excitement, …

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Mar 01

Golf and the Heart

Golf Should Be Good For You…But A lot of us met one very fortunate golfer last week at the Honda Classic. He was playing very well, put in a good round, made the cut and promptly celebrated by having a heart attack. The first report I read was that the attack was not of the …

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Oct 27

Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Golf

  Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Golf Anxiety can be defined as an adaptive response associated with tension and uncertainty of facing a new situation or unpleasant experience that causes worry and can affect sleep, appetite and ability to concentrate. Furthermore, the fear resulting from anxiety can become extreme, debilitating and totally paralyzing. The ability …

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Sep 24

Avoid Wrist Injuries

A PGA PRO’s Tips on How to Avoid Wrist Injuries A good grip is essential to a good golf swing. In addition to a good grip, a player needs adequate hand, wrist and forearm strength to swing the club correctly. While the most frequently reported injury in golf is back injury, left wrist injuries are …

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Feb 18

Avoid Low Back Pain

Golf Simplified: How to Learn Your Fundamentals

Tips to Avoid Low Back Pain Associated with Golf Lower back pain is the number one reported injury in golf.  Poor posture, swing techniques, wrong equipment, muscle imbalances and over-use are all attributed to causing lower back pain.  While not every golfer will incur a serious lower back injury, the majority of golfers will at …

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Feb 04

Impact of Golf on Your Health

Golf Fitness Golf has witnessed a major transition over the last 60 years.  In the past, if you played golf you walked, carried your bag or used a caddy. Gradually the game has become dominated by golf carts.  The use of motorized golf carts transformed the golf industry in a number of ways. Golf Health …

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