Category: Golf Fitness

Dec 15

Golf Prosthetics

Give me Something to Swing:Golf Prosthetics I remember specific childhood days when my eyes became a little more open to the world than they had been the day before. I remember standing on the putting green at Neskowin Beach, watching a one-armed golfer split the fairway with a viciously potent drive. I remember joining his …

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Dec 14

“Fore” Means “Fore”

When Drives Go Bad: “Fore” Means “Fore” I remember being in awe as a kid, hearing the statistics of baseball’s power pitchers, hurlers like Bob Feller and Herb Score. Pitching speeds went up over 120 mph, and I can’t imagine how a batter could have seen it coming. Somebody did, though, for Score ended up …

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Nov 27

Golf Injuries

When More than your Score Hurts: Golf Injuries Meet Dr. Divot I can remember that period of life when we all bounced out of bed to begin our days, and on those days that included golf, we bounced up to the driving range in the very same way, did a two-second stretch to impress the …

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Jan 26

Golf Injuries: Swing Safe and Putt Tall

I once believed, as many still do, that the game of golf represents a haven for those of us who don’t want to wrestle, get dragged down by a linebacker or risk being gored by a bull. It has always been sold as a walk through beautiful countryside in which the golfer dictates the pace, …

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Aug 25

Golf Nutrition

Have you ever wondered why you lose your concentration in the middle or towards the end of your round of golf?  Before you know it, you have made back to back double bogeys to ruin a great round.  Focus on finishing stronger to reach your potential.  Achieve a better finish by keeping your body properly …

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Aug 16

Golf Longevity…It’s a Stretch

I haven’t wiffed a golf ball since I was eight, but it almost happened last week on the first tee with my adult nephews looking on. A wave of “Oh no! It’s finally happened. I’m old!” swept over me. As I thought about it later, it became clear that I got exactly what I deserved …

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Dec 05

Warm Up Before You Play

Often I see players go straight from the car to the first tee to start their round. This can be a big mistake if you are hoping to shoot a good score and remain injury free. Properly warming up will prevent injury while mentally preparing you for your round.     If you want to …

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Mar 18

Core Exercises

Your body’s core muscle group is the area around your trunk and pelvis.  Strong core muscles allow you to do most physical activities.  Weak core muscles leave you susceptible to lower back pain, poor posture, and other muscle injuries.  If you have lower back pain from golf, it could be from a weak core muscle …

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Mar 15

Lower Body Exercises

The lower body is extremely important to the golf swing.  A strong lower body will help give you a solid base to create a good turn, thus generating more club head speed and power during the swing.  The following exercises will help build up the lower body muscles, which in turn, will help you create …

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Mar 13

Strength Training Exercises for Golfers

When you think of weightlifting, you may think of body builders lifting as much weight as possible.  That is not the goal.  You want to use free weights, weight machines and resistance exercises to build strength and flexibility.  It is beneficial to start with exercises that use your body weight as a resistance.  Think of …

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