Category: Golf Fitness

Mar 18

Core Exercises

Your body’s core muscle group is the area around your trunk and pelvis.  Strong core muscles allow you to do most physical activities.  Weak core muscles leave you susceptible to lower back pain, poor posture, and other muscle injuries.  If you have lower back pain from golf, it could be from a weak core muscle …

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Mar 15

Lower Body Exercises

The lower body is extremely important to the golf swing.  A strong lower body will help give you a solid base to create a good turn, thus generating more club head speed and power during the swing.  The following exercises will help build up the lower body muscles, which in turn, will help you create …

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Mar 13

Strength Training Exercises for Golfers

When you think of weightlifting, you may think of body builders lifting as much weight as possible.  That is not the goal.  You want to use free weights, weight machines and resistance exercises to build strength and flexibility.  It is beneficial to start with exercises that use your body weight as a resistance.  Think of …

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Mar 12

Staying Motivated

In my previous blog I talked about stretching exercises that are beneficial to the longevity of your golf enjoyment.  If we can stay healthy and pain free, obviously golf should be more enjoyable.  The next few entries will include different exercises to assist in strength training, focusing on the upper body, core, and lower body.  …

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Mar 08

Stretching Program

Fitness exercisesThe first part of any exercise program is to properly warm up.  A good warm up routine will improve your flexibility and mobility.  You want to target all your muscle groups.   While you stretch make sure you go slow and don’t bounce.   The following stretches will be good to work on during the off …

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Mar 03

Out of Shape – Personal Story

While golf is not a contact sport, it is imperative you keep your body in good, physical condition.  To share my personal story, last year, at the age of 30, I thought I was still in good physical condition.  I had not been to the gym or lifted weights for years, but I felt pretty …

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Jan 05

Fitness to Improve Your Golf

Four Fitness Areas That Can Help Improve Your Golf Game Many women golfers will resolve to get fit this year. By adding cardio, core conditioning, weight training, and flexibility exercises to their fitness programs, they can also improve their golf game and maybe lower their scores this summer. The golf swing is a complex motion …

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Nov 12

Does Golf "Fit" You?

I remember a cold winter night about two years ago when several of the folks who play golf together gathered at a traditional spot for some drinks and conversation. This location had a large indoor area where the owner had a net, an artificial turf pad and a set of golf clubs ready for anyone …

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Sep 21

In-Season Golf Training Program

The final article in this triad of golf training programs will concentrate on a maintenance workout featuring exercises designed to retain the fitness and strength level developed during your Off-Season and Pre-Season workouts (see previous articles on Pre-Season and Off-Season Programs). The in-season workout sessions are not as intense, and because we use our arms …

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Sep 19

Pre-Season Training for Golf

As the winter months begin to slide away, golfers are ready to think seriously about getting back out on the course. When this happens you know the time has come to start that pre-season training program. Hopefully, golfers have been diligently working on their off-season training program throughout the winter and are already in pretty …

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