Category: Golf Games

Oct 08

Good Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup Good for USA, but in Unexpected Ways, Good For Everyone I remember being present at a general faculty meeting when a college president jokingly remarked that he placed no importance at all on rankings, or “winning” – unless, of course, the college had just jumped up twenty spots, or won something outright – …

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Aug 30

Olympic Optimism

Olympic Golf Looking Better Than We Thought Numerous post-mortems about Olympic golf have been either written in articles or verbalized in interviews since the end of the Games. In the months leading up to the two-week sports cornucopia, a lot of the projections were bad – and I admit to helping on that score. The …

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Sep 12

Walker Cup Under Way

The Walker Cup – Britain and Ireland Versus the U.S Just as we think we know all the names of the best golfers around, we forget to search the amateur ranks. Some of these names will be the great ones of tomorrow. Some of them are in college, others not far out. Many of them, …

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Feb 13


SNAG Golf – Make Golf Fun It’s no secret, golf is one of the most difficult sports to learn. So why not make it easier and more fun? That is exactly what SNAG Golf is about, teaching the game of golf to all ages and ability levels. While SNAG Golf is often mistaken for only …

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Feb 20

Tiger and the President

Tiger, the President and Match Play: He’s a Lefty, All Right! All right, national leaders get to do this sort of thing if they really want to, and it’s easy to understand why they would. Last week, President Obama and Tiger Woods got together for a round of golf at the Floridian Yacht and Golf …

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Jan 30

Golf Character 1

Golf Character: Men, Women and Morale I was glad to see some order restored to the universe as Tiger Woods won at Torrey Pines, rather handily in fact. I wondered how he did it, in terms of guts, and figured that he remembered who he once was, and that regardless, he was still among the …

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Jan 01

Golf Travel Log V – Back to Old Virginny

Golfing in Nothern Virginia I do not know if any, or which, among the founding fathers, was occupied with the game of golf, but the practice was not unknown among America’s first congressional membership, especially with the Scottish contingent. Finding myself in Great Falls, Virginia as of this morning, I had an immediate sense of …

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Dec 29

Golf Travel Log IV: Baltimore

Golf Travel Log IV – Municipal Memories in Baltimore When I attended graduate school in Baltimore, Maryland (or as it’s pronounced here – “Bawlamer”), I thought the hard part would be the classes at the university. In a sense, I was correct, but what really gave me fits was golf, and it wasn’t even a …

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Dec 20

Golf Travel Log, Part I: Wyoming

The Northern American Rockies December 19, 2012, just a few days before Christmas, and I find myself in the rather charming town of Kemmerer, Wyoming. The temperature is far below freezing, but wouldn’t you know it. The person I met was from Molokai in the Hawaiian Islands. He tells me that if the Mayans are …

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Dec 17

LPGA and PGA Qualifying

LPGA and PGA Qualifying: Putting the World Through the Ringer Again this year, I was happy to see that great players on both men’s and women’s tours are qualifying from a lot of different places.  If all your winners during the year are from one continent, something’s wrong with golf. It even applies to age …

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