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Dec 15

Golf Prosthetics

Give me Something to Swing:Golf Prosthetics I remember specific childhood days when my eyes became a little more open to the world than they had been the day before. I remember standing on the putting green at Neskowin Beach, watching a one-armed golfer split the fairway with a viciously potent drive. I remember joining his …

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Dec 14

“Fore” Means “Fore”

When Drives Go Bad: “Fore” Means “Fore” I remember being in awe as a kid, hearing the statistics of baseball’s power pitchers, hurlers like Bob Feller and Herb Score. Pitching speeds went up over 120 mph, and I can’t imagine how a batter could have seen it coming. Somebody did, though, for Score ended up …

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Dec 04

Lawson Little

Matchless Lawson Little: King of the “Little Slam” When an athlete is described as “bull-necked and barrel-chested,” you could get the idea that he was a boxer or wrestler.  You might be sure of it if his nickname is “Cannonball,” and he is renowned for his temper and general talent for being surly and unpleasant. …

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Nov 22

Giving Thanks

Despite Silliness and Sadness – Giving Thanks Rules I awoke today to the same feast of the sacred and profane that the world sees every day – the same comedies and tragedies and the same things that make us shake our heads in wonder. I also noticed that everything in Oregon is pretty much closed, …

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Nov 20

Golf and Perfection Dangerous?

When Golfing Perfection Gets Dangerous As I think of all the cute names we used to use growing up to describe mental institutions, never dreaming of the possibility that any of us could actually end up in one, I dearly wish that this article could be funny – but it can’t. The striving for perfection …

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Nov 02

Golf: The Handicap Case and Other Oddities

Only in Golf: The Handicap Case and Other Oddities The trial took twenty one days, and the verdict wasn’t reached for another two weeks. The six year claims of libel were dismissed, and news of the decision was so secret that it was delivered to the plaintiff in an envelope by the court. Another case …

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Aug 08

Olympic Golf: Rio in 2016

  Olympic Golf – a Game? At least in my family, the debate continues as to whether golf is a sport or a game. The verdict tends to swing towards “game.” Well, for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, that’s just fine, because they’re called the “Olympic Games.” In that year, we will be …

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Aug 05

Golf and the American Presidency

  American Presidents Play Golf Many of us in the states this week were quick to notice that President Obama played golf for his 51st birthday, and the statistics began to pour out for American presidents and this favorite White House game. Strange, that the American public enjoys golf so much, but casts a disapproving …

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Jul 24

Golf in China: Blooming Fast

  &nbsp Golf in China Today We all got a good look at ShanShan Feng this year as she won a major on our home soil. She played like the pro she is, but we didn’t expect to see her at the top because we’re unaccustomed to seeing her country at the top of this …

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Mar 24

Mothers, Daughters, Fathers and Sons

Golf a Family Passion With Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day coming up, and with International Women’s Day just past, the spring season affords many opportunities for parents and children to play together, which at times can be the most important reason for the game’s existence. Throughout history, family relationships have been forged, strengthened, healed and …

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