Category: Golf Games

Mar 02

Golf May Strike Olympic Gold

In October of 2009, Michelle Wie and Padraig Harrington made impassioned speeches in Copenhagen before an international body of peers, at least indirectly. No, they hadn’t been detained by customs, and they weren’t protesting anything. The body they addressed was the IOC, the International Olympic Committee, and soon after, that body voted to include golf …

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Feb 01

Extreme Golf

Go ahead and tell us that as golfers, we aren’t really athletes. Go on depicting us as bland, fair-weather, high-life sports people. Draw all the distinctions you want between the well-mannered men and women of the club-house and cage fighters, extreme skiers and sumo wrestlers. We don’t mind. We know the truth. We know that …

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Sep 26

Golf Formats

Golf formats revealed. There are only two fundamental golf formats. All other games and formats are variations of the basic two: stroke play and match play. In the next few paragraphs we will examine these two formats and several of the more popular ones that are derived from them. So read on… see how well …

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