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May 02

Gorney says It’s In the Hips

Teacher Brett Gorney Makes Hip Problem for Distance Clear I wasn’t really familiar with golf pro Brett Gorney until recently, and that’s my fault, not his. After a few spring ventures to the driving range, I came away with the same questions as I have in the past concerning my wasted potential for distance.  Was …

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Oct 22

Golf in Wind and Rain

Wind and Rain Affect Your Golf Hit Low and Consider Not Playing at All I noticed on the news the other day that they went ahead and started an LPGA event in China just days after a typhoon roared through, Most of us have seen major thunderstorms at one time or another, and some of …

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Feb 13

The Pro Difference

Paul Gallico’s Take on Pro Sports All too many of us have a view of professional sports (that we also play as amateurs) as just a better version of what we do in our simple efforts – those stars are doing the same things we are trying to do, but just have a natural talent …

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Oct 18

Aggressive Golf

Aggressive Golf Is Exciting and Perilous Don’t Try This at Home Those of us at a certain age have watched a lot of golf in the past few decades, and we’ve seen a lot of power hitters winning tournaments, and even more importantly, looking great doing it. Particularly for men as a group, putting a …

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Oct 03

Become a Golf Einstein

Einstein Influenced Golf The Rational and Intuitive Game of Golf A renowned physicist who had worked with Einstein is said to have finally introduced him to the game of golf, a pursuit which he immediately quit, claiming that is was “too complicated.” However, the famous physicist who gave us the Theory of General Relativity has …

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Apr 28

Sakura Yokomine – Big Hitter?

Sakura Yokomine LPGA Rookie Comparisons to John Daly Good? It’s fun to see new faces on the LPGA Tour, but when I learn about one who has been there a while, I feel as if I haven’t done my homework – it wouldn’t be the first time. When I saw Sakura Yokomine, however, it was …

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Feb 26

Tips from My Friend Fred

Fred Loves to Give Golf Tips No, his name’s not really Fred, but he’ll go rough on me if I use his real name. He’d also give me an earful if I tell anyone he’s from Fresno, so I’ll just say he’s from Southern California.  Fred’s a golfer, just a good old one to three …

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Jan 28

Pure Strike Golf

Pure Strike Golf Pure Strike Golf has been labeled the next significant advancement in golf instruction. Pure Strike Golf is designed by the founder of Medicus, Bob Koch, along with Medicus master instructors Chuck Evans and Dave Wedzik. Pure Strike believes in 5 key fundamentals found in every good ball striker from Bobby Jones to …

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Oct 30

Anna Rawson Golf Lessons

    Anna Rawson – I’ve Never Had a Golf Lesson Like This     All right, so I ran across an article with video on how to hit a checked wedge shot. I need this because my version of a checked wedge shot is to check and see if I remembered to bring the …

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Oct 30

Set Up and Ball Position

How to Set Up and Ball Position The golf swing is dependent on completing the previous move correctly. Therefore, the swing starts with the correct set up. Everything you do before you swing the club will have a positive or negative consequence on the golf ball. Setting up correctly to the golf ball addresses many …

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