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Oct 30

Set Up and Ball Position

How to Set Up and Ball Position The golf swing is dependent on completing the previous move correctly. Therefore, the swing starts with the correct set up. Everything you do before you swing the club will have a positive or negative consequence on the golf ball. Setting up correctly to the golf ball addresses many …

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Oct 07

Golf Tip of the Day

  Golf Tip of the Day Could “Lose” Money     I am of an age where I have heard the great bulk of golf tips offered over the space of several decades. I’ve seen gadgets galore, designed to keep this arm here, and that leg there. I’ve seen gizmos wrapped around the head, and …

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Sep 30

Greenside and Fairway Bunker Shots

How to Hit Greenside and Fairway Bunker Shots Many low handicap and professional players are barely fazed when they hit their ball in the bunker. In fact, there are times they would rather have their ball in a bunker rather than the rough. While the bunker shot is one of the most stressful shots in …

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Mar 30

Shanking – the Worst Experience in All of Golf

Shanking Like Catching the Flu It’s worse than missing a short putt – in front of people on the weekend, you can rationalize that – everybody misses a short putt now and then, even on TV. It’s worse than chunking out of the rough – man, that brush was thick…Tarzan couldn’t have gotten out of …

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Mar 06

Reading the Green-Science and Art

Green Reading Perplexing? My wife tells me that I should not become too overly-invested in having Paula Creamer give me a lag putt lesson this Christmas, as Ms. Creamer probably has other plans for the holidays. I asked about my birthday this spring, and got the same answer. That dream being dashed, she suggested that …

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Jan 09

Putting Stance – Do We Want Glamour or Birdies?

  Michelle Wie’s New Putting Stance   When I saw the golf news about Michelle Wie’s new putting stance, I was reminded of the man being fitted for a new suit, and suffering an endless series of contortions by the tailor so that it would fit. As he walked down the street trying to hold …

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Oct 27

Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Golf

  Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Golf Anxiety can be defined as an adaptive response associated with tension and uncertainty of facing a new situation or unpleasant experience that causes worry and can affect sleep, appetite and ability to concentrate. Furthermore, the fear resulting from anxiety can become extreme, debilitating and totally paralyzing. The ability …

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Sep 07

Tips for Women to Generate More Power

PGA Pro’s Advice for Women to Gain More Power Almost everyone wants to hit the ball farther. Many women are forced to rely on their short game when they lack the distance to regularly hit greens in regulation. Obviously, increasing strength and flexibility are one reasonable way to increase distance. However, without purchasing a gym …

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Aug 30

What we can Learn from Inbee Park

Learn How to Swing with the Correct Tempo like Inbee Park – What Everyone can Learn Inbee Park is arguably the hottest player in the world. Everyone on the LPGA Tour knew Inbee Park’s potential, but now the rest of the world knows as well. After winning the first three majors of the season, Park …

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Jun 24

15 More Yards in 8 Weeks

Hit the Ball Farther Nearly every golfer wants to hit the ball farther, including the best players in the world. While tour professionals have significantly benefitted from fitness programs, recreational players can also see a tremendous benefit from a stretching and strength training program. If you want to impress your weekly foursome, start a training …

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