Category: Golf Travel

Nov 17

Getting There is a Small Part of the Fun

As winter creeps into a large portion of the United States, more and more people are thinking of traveling (or moving) to a warmer climate. Some of those who want to escape the north winds only wish to go south,where the temperature usually stays above 70 degrees. These folks may not be too concerned about …

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Sep 25

Planning a Golf Trip

A golf trip should be fun and relaxing for everyone involved. You should only feel stress when your partner is counting on you for a two foot putt. A good trip only happens because some detailed planning has been done ahead of time. There are a number of elements which comprise a good trip. Some …

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Sep 22

Discover Golfing on Vancouver Island, BC

Most of us are members of a golf club or have a course where we play most of our golf. The opportunity to play another course is always a treat to be savored and to do it with a group of friends is the optimum in fun. To do that at a number of courses …

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Sep 12

Book a Golf Holiday

When The Girls Must Play, Book a Golf Holiday With winter looming on the horizon, it’s time to plan a