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Feb 27

Lexi Dominating Thailand

Lexi – Four Stroke Lead for Sunday The women of the LPGA are a few weeks into their national tour of the tropics while they wait for the climate to warm up in more places. Their tournament schedule is a “Where’s Where” of all the places I haven’t been able to go yet, but plan …

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Feb 20

An Extreme Golf Adventure

Golf Adventure -The Quirkiest, Most Rigorous Places to Play If you would have told me about all of this stuff forty years ago, I would have hands down loved it. At that time, I was all about finding the most offbeat and challenging adventures the globe could offer, and the realm of golf was no …

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Jan 26

Olympic Golf and Parity

Olympic Golf Almost Anyone Could Win Gold Most of the governing bodies of team sports around the world have come around to the idea of parity, in one form or another, some mechanism by which all participating teams have a shot at landing the talent with which to succeed. Football, basketball, baseball, they’re all doing …

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Nov 28

Golf and Flying

Fear of Flying and Professional Golf Don’t MixI I’ve flown nearly all my life, and the only time I enjoyed it was when I was three, and took a DC-3 from Portland, Oregon to Yakima, Washington, of all places. Since then, I’ve flown for family obligations, under pressure from one individual or another, or for …

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Nov 17

Italy Wants Ryder Cup

Italy for 2022 Ryder Cup? Italy Just Getting Hooked on Golf There’s a new bidder on the horizon for the much-awaited 2022 Ryder Cup, and it’s not one you would expect. Yes, considering the passion that Europeans have for the game of golf, two or three events away is still much-awaited, and the maneuvering for …

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Nov 05

Germs on Tour

Germ Risks of Touring Not only are the PGA and LPGA Tours much longer than they used to be, creating the need to think about pacing oneself from week to week, but they go to a lot more exotic places than they used to. Since it’s the Earth, and the human race we’re dealing with …

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Oct 10

New Leaders in Malaysia

Take a look on any given Thursday, and you’ll see a group of LPGA stars take over the top spot as first round leaders, with the occasional appearance of a new kid on the block. Check in on Friday, and some of them might still be there. Do the same on a Saturday, and it …

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Oct 01

LPGA-See the World

LPGA Truly a World Tour What a Vacation It Would Be I remember the day when the fields for LPGA tournaments were a good deal smaller. Now, they number well over a hundred until the latter part of the season, when they dwindle to a still respectable 60 or 70. I also remember the day …

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Sep 24

Almost Alpine Golf

Alpine Golf in the Pacific Northwest Rainier and Adams Region Still Have Golf Having returned to the Pacific Northwest after many years spent around various parts of the world, I’m looking at things in a whole new way. As a kid, I was playing golf on every weekend that I was home. If I wasn’t …

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Aug 27

Stacy Lewis and Second

Stacy Lewis Sick and Tired of It All of the big stuff has gone away for the men over on the PGA, until next year. The women are pressing on, however, this week in Alabama. What about Alabama should make us think about golf? Isn’t it hot, humid, and aren’t the great southern courses in …

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