Category: Pro Golf

Oct 08

Women’s Professional Golf

In this first article about Women’s Professional Golf and in subsequent articles, we will look at the professional organizations around the world, the player statistics, and the players themselves. We will find out who they are, where they’re from, what they shoot, how much they win, and what equipment they carry. Please take the time …

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Sep 10

LPGA Rescinds English Only Ploicy

The LPGA has decided to rescind their controversial language policy. They recently announced a policy that would require all players currently on tour to become fluent in English speaking in two years or be suspended. They also proposed to make English speaking a requirement to join the tour. This was an inderstandable stance by the …

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Sep 02

LPGA Marketing Struggles

Fans may not have been able to read the writing on Ji-Yai Shin’s hat the day she won the Women’s British Open, but the message was clear. Asian players currently dominate the LPGA tour. The LPGA must now sort out how this new trend impacts its ability to attract sponsors and market itself and its …

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