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Jun 03

Golf and the Underlying Math

What are the Results of A Lifetime of Golf Choices? Could Math Tell Us? Somewhere down the road of life, provided that we are sentient beings, we reevaluate our lives. We pore over the choices we’ve made, and form some evaluative conclusion about whether they were the right ones. Like everyone else, I’ve done that, …

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Jan 10

Explaining Golf’s Pleasures to Uninitiated

Golf’s Pleasures Just A Link Away Every sport has its disciples who swear by its exhaustive list of sensory and health pleasures. They also have a corresponding group of skeptics that wonder aloud, “Why would anyone do that?” Baseball, football, curling, badminton – golf…they all have it, even boxing, so they say. The naysayers don’t …

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Aug 24

Violence – It’s a Natural

Violence On The Golf Course Increasing Etiquette Only Scratches the Surface The list of behaviors required in golf is so well known to us all that it almost sounds cliched. We had every one of them drummed into our heads as kids during our junior membership years, but we got mad anyway, just the same …

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Aug 10

Golf – Live Coverage and Fiction

Golf Hard To Portray On Screen Real or Not, Difficult to Get It Right I recall freaking out at a movie on Charlie Chaplin in which he plays the violin. No one on the project seemed to notice that he was playing it backward – left-handed, fine, but some important adjustments were totally wrong, like …

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Jun 04

Golf, Boxing…Courage

Courage is Courage, No Matter Where In my young days, being in a performance profession, I used to stand in the wings sick to my stomach with fear, knowing that I had to go out and do it yet one more time. Every single night after the first Liston/Ali fight, I said the same thing …

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May 21

The Disappearing Family

I read an interesting article from a columnist in the UK yesterday, who detailed the state of sexism in the game as it entered the 21st century. The writer specified certain clubs where the collective spirit of golf was healthy, and a few where the ossified “old white guy” dynamic was choking the life out …

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May 18

The “Art” of Golf

I was reading Ben Hogan’s book on the golf swing the other day. I suppose there was a lot in there about actually playing golf as well, but I was mesmerized by the swing. Of course, Ben Hogan’s swing is something worthy of great admiration, but I’m not really talking about him. I’m talking about …

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Mar 05

Can You Bully Golf?

Type “A” Golf As most people who pay any attention to the modern course of human events know, it’s election year in the United States, and that the process tends to bring out some colorful personalities and unusual threads of logic…and/or the opposite. This time around, we’ve got some real doozies flooding the airwaves, and …

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Dec 26

Golf Great For Children

Golf or Football for Children? Put the “Ah” in Childhood I was heartened by a comment made by Iron Mike Ditka this week. Ditka was and is one of the toughest men who ever played the game of American football, and there’s not a whit of hyperbole in that statement, Ditak can face facts, though, …

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Dec 22

Golf – A Winter Industry?

Golf in the Winter Snow? To start with, anyone who lives in Florida, or anything like it, doesn’t need to bother with this. I live in a very nice town in the Pacific Northwest, and that’s the sort of folks I’m talking to – yes, Northeners, for the most part. It’s winter here, and there …

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