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Oct 20


Choking Not What We Thought I have, in the past, referred to a specific chapter in my misspent youth on the golf course, the year in which I finished the front nine 8 up, and lost the match 1 down on the 18th. This is the perfect time to resurrect it, as it has served …

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Oct 03

Become a Golf Einstein

Einstein Influenced Golf The Rational and Intuitive Game of Golf A renowned physicist who had worked with Einstein is said to have finally introduced him to the game of golf, a pursuit which he immediately quit, claiming that is was “too complicated.” However, the famous physicist who gave us the Theory of General Relativity has …

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May 13

Golf’s Response to Drought

Good Step, But A Little Slow I read this morning that golf courses all over the state of California are conducting sweeping changes in the way they work with water and the natural environment, and even though I applaud the sentiment, something seemed a little bit off. I had the idea that they spoke as …

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Sep 21

The Short Game – Golf at a Theater Near You

Little Swingers Short Game There was a major cinematic release yesterday in a handful of theaters across the country. Few of us really got to see it. No, it wasn’t Iron Man VII or Rocky XXIV. It was called “The Short Game.” Every golfer understands the term – the short game, chipping, putting, short irons …

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Jul 23

Bob Hope and Golf – Thanks for the Memories

Bob Hope and Golf

Bob Hope and Golf – Thanks for the Memories I don’t mind saying that the British Open, won by lefty Phil Mickelson (the first lefty to do it in over half a century) has left me more exhausted as a viewer than any golf major in my memory. It was a gritty course and a …

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Nov 22

Giving Thanks

Despite Silliness and Sadness – Giving Thanks Rules I awoke today to the same feast of the sacred and profane that the world sees every day – the same comedies and tragedies and the same things that make us shake our heads in wonder. I also noticed that everything in Oregon is pretty much closed, …

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Sep 11

Golf Playoffs

  Golf Playoffs: Finding a Winner, Right Now!   Seventy seven years ago, the Masters celebrated its first playoff in the history of the tournament, and it couldn’t have gone off better in terms of popularity. Gene Sarazen holed in from two hundred and thirty seven yards out for eagle with a 4 wood, and …

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Aug 05

Golf and the American Presidency

  American Presidents Play Golf Many of us in the states this week were quick to notice that President Obama played golf for his 51st birthday, and the statistics began to pour out for American presidents and this favorite White House game. Strange, that the American public enjoys golf so much, but casts a disapproving …

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May 01

Winners, Losers and Danger: The Week in Golf

Stacy Lewis, Jason Duffer, Bubba Watson, Se Ri Park, What an interesting week it was in the world of golf, from a weekender’s unexpected round to disturbing injuries and breakthrough wins for two on the men’s and women’s tours. Both events on the LPGA and PGA tours were cliffhangers this week, and it was difficult …

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Mar 14

Scotland Besieged: Ancient Chinese Golf

We see it everywhere – “North Carolina, First in Flight,” Columbus and the new world (“In the name of Queen Isabella”), Russia sending the first human into space and the advent of vodka (“Vee inwented it”). We love competition. We love races, and above all, as nationalistic points of pride, we love inventing things before …

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