Category: Women’s College Golf

Apr 23

What? No College?

College No Longer the Automatic Choice for Golfers If I had told my parents that I intended to skip college, you would have seen the mushroom cloud and heard the sonic boom thousands of miles away. Of course, an athletic scholarship was not in play for me, but it’s still a sobering proposition to stake …

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Feb 02

Golf IQ and College

Golf IQ – How Much Intelligence Does It Take to Play Golf Well I wonder about things like – how much intelligence does it take to play golf well, or is it much more of an experiential thing, a feeling thing? And, isn’t that a sort of intelligence? Then I wonder about the whole collegiate …

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Feb 04

Irish Wunderkinds Headed for Duke University

Lisa and Leona Maguire

Irish Super-Kids, Twins Lisa and Leona Maguire Now that I’ve surpassed the eight thousand mile mark driving around the United States this month, I’m finally seeing something that looks the same as it did the day before. After alternating between the sunny Bahamas and the northern ice storms, Paradise Island’s palm tree courses and signs …

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Apr 20

Brooke Pancake, Mic Potter and the Crimson Tide

Brooke Pancake and Mic Potter Win the NCAA Championship for Alabama When I consider the sports responses that various institutions and individuals trigger, the University of Alabama, ‘Bama, The Crimson Tide, makes me think of Nick Saban, Bear Bryant and line-up of football stars.  Apparently, they’ve got a pretty good women’s golf team as well, …

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Jan 15

Gol Travel Log VIII: Arizona Golf – No Age Requirements

Golf in Arizona After traveling through Tucson and Phoenix last night, an area with which I have long-term history, I was taken back to some of the best golf experiences in my life. About forty miles to the south of Tucson lies Green Valley, about thirty miles from Nogales and the Mexican border. Yes, it’s …

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Jan 12

Golf Log VIII-Kansas, at the Heart of It All

Golf in Kansas My GPS calculates that the center of the United States sits somewhere around Sterling, Kansas, but I write this sitting in front of the fire in Lawrence, situated toward the eastern border, shared with Missouri. Kansas and Missouri have a special relationship, and not always a pretty one. In the 19th century, …

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Dec 24

Golf Travel Log III: the Nittany Lions

  Golfing in Pennsylvania   It’s Christmas Eve in State College, Pennsylvania. It’s snowing lightly, and the university is in recess. State College is a charming town with pleasing architecture and picturesque surroundings, and it’s no wonder that the area is called “Happy Valley.” Pennsylvania and golf are pretty much inseparable. If you tried to …

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Dec 23

Golf Travel Log II: The Old Oregon Trail

Golfing The Old Oregon Trail I remember playing a course in Lethbridge, Alberta that had received a dusting of snow the night before. The rough, rather than long grass, was snow banks. We painted the balls black and played in parkas – fun in the off-season. I was reminded of that as we traveled through …

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Oct 14

Women’s Golf Thriving in Seattle

Purple and Gold: Women’s Golf Thriving in Seattle It’s a difficult piece to write. Although I don’t feel the feud in the way some do, writing about the University of Washington is dangerous for a life-long Oregon Duck. Fortunately, we’re talking about the UW’s Women’s Golf Team, not football, so I think that Portland and …

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Oct 12

Playing College Golf

Playing College Golf in Style: Jack and Ohio State I remember getting a sense of the special nature of Jack Nicklaus way way back. Still, the first time I ever saw him, he was already a pro, and I had no clue as to where he’d been. One important note is that the prime candidate …

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