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Oct 12

Playing College Golf

Playing College Golf in Style: Jack and Ohio State I remember getting a sense of the special nature of Jack Nicklaus way way back. Still, the first time I ever saw him, he was already a pro, and I had no clue as to where he’d been. One important note is that the prime candidate …

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Jun 01

Cheyenne Woods: An Auspicious LPGA Debut

  Another Woods Headed to Fame?   Searching the family trees of professional touring golfers for established or up and coming relatives would be an interesting project, and why not? To find thriving professionals in other sports and, in fact, professions across the board is not uncommon, from Muhammad Ali’s world champion daughter to musicians …

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Apr 27

Small School Golf: Women’s Div. II, III, NAIA

Small School Golf Review We may be under the impression that we know where all the tour members come from, and which schools boast the national power programs in the U.S. and Canada. Certainly, Division I sports holds considerable advantages over the others, enjoying a huge talent draw. The requirements of a Division I athletic …

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Feb 06

Purdue Women’s Golf: Where Do They Find Them?

There’s a new kid on the European Ladies Tour and the LPGA, and her name is the Purdue University Women’s Golf Team. The 2010 National Champion Purdue Women’s Golf Team that edged out USC, and almost repeated in 2011, leading UCLA at the turn, has become an enduring presence in college golf, and the program’s …

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Nov 07

Blue Devils: Lindy Duncan

Sports fans should be no strangers to the Blue Devils, Duke University. The sports power house in college sports, have one of the best women’s golf program in the state. They have produced many players on the LPGA. The most famous recent graduate is Amanda Blumenherst. Who have won every awards in golf you can …

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Sep 27

Women’s College Golf

Summer is over and a new season of college golf is about to begin. Starting this week I will bring you inside the loop of women’s college golf. Before that, that’s look at the hottest women’s golf team in the US. UCLA Women’s Golf Team UCLA won the 2011 NCAA team championship and will begin the …

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