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Apr 05

Masters Eras Roll By

I read in the news this week that golfer Esteban Toledo, who has won on the tour, is going to this year’s Masters. He’s not going as a player, but as a caddie for another pro. My first thought was, “Where did it all go? It all ran by so fast that I barely saw …

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Mar 22

Masters for Women? When?

LPGA Masters at Augusta? Whan Tries, But No Deal It’s that time again. Time again for the gorgeous fairways, greens, creeks and bridges of Augusta, golf candy for the eye, without a doubt. From childhood on, the Masters has been my favorite of the four majors. The field was comprised of the best from a …

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Apr 22

Paula’s LPGA Masters

Would Be Fun, Good For Tour This seems like the perfect time for everyone who cares to throw in their two cents about the theoretical Masters tournament for the LPGA, to be held on the same course as the men play, probably one week later, as envisioned by Paula Creamer. My two cents is that’s …

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Apr 03

Tiger and Lydia – Breakthrough Week?

 Augusta – Tiger and ANA – Lydia This Week In the world of quantum physics golf, seemingly impossible to pin down, the greatest male player of his generation has fallen out of the top 100, and the new female sensation has become her tour’s number one before her eighteenth birthday. I doubt many of us …

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Sep 18

St. Andrews Admitting Women?

St. Andrews Admitting Women? About Time! Today, I turned on the news to see how the independence vote was turning out in Scotland, and never dreamed that I had hit on the referendum bonanza of the year. While ordinary Scottish citizens decide whether or not to proceed as an independent country, St. Andrews Golf Club …

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Jul 03

‘Errie’ Ball Dies at 103 – Played in First Masters

A Fond Salute to “Errie” Ball It is true that greatness is built and sustained when we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. No matter how antiquated an era might become, it served as an essential building block to our present reality. In those pursuits where tradition is prized and constitutes …

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Apr 12

An Interesting Tigerless Masters After All

Tigerless Masters Full of Excitement For me, that first three rounds of the 2014 Masters went by so fast, I could barely keep up. I don’t feel as though I ever got to drink deep from the experience, and part of it is that my brain usually devotes about ten or so percent to keeping …

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Apr 10

Masters 2014 – Where are the New Guys?

Will the Masters 2014 See a New Guy Win? This has been going on for a while now – this tournament, this course, this cast of characters. There’s nothing else quite like it on the tour. The visual prize, besides the winner’s check, is an article of clothing you couldn’t wear to anything else, and …

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Mar 13

Masters Odds – Why Bother?

Who Will This Year’s Masters? Do they really think that they can do this? The big event, the one that Tiger’s lost so much sleep over in the past few weeks, is less than thirty days away, and the guys in Vegas actually think they have an inside track on who’s going to walk away …

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Sep 05

Indian Golfer Lahiri Doing Well

Indian Golfer Lahiri Doing Well – India, Not So Much It should come as no surprise that Europe holds a Masters. After all, the U.S. didn’t invent the word or the game. It must be admitted that the atmosphere is quite different as well. Where the magnolias and azaleas decorate the surroundings at Augusta, this …

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