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Apr 19

Van der Velde Returns

Returns to Scene of Epic Collapse So many years have gone by since that painful scene at Carnoustie in 1999. The idea of a Frenchman winning the Open, which is to say, the British Open, must have been off-putting to a few Brits, but they had to admit that Jean Van der Velde had played …

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Jul 20

Spieth – Lost Moment

Spieth’s Chip Could Have Changed Everything What an Open It Was! All right, so after an extra day, a lot of dramatic weather and golf, Zach Johnson is your new British Open champion. I have no problem with that. He’s a terrific golfer and, by all accounts, a great guy. I remember when Zach won …

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Jul 18

Open Becomes Disaster Area

Winds at the Open Cause a Disaster Winds Become Unmanageable I once walked in a 90 mile per hour wind, and wondered if I could get off the ground by stretching my coat out – what a stupid idea. Fortunately, I couldn’t quite do it. The winds at St. Andrews might not have reached the …

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Jul 16

Open’s First Round – Spieth Close

American Major Winner Spieth Makes Excellent Start There are many stories at this year’s British Open. First of all, what set this one apart from others of past years, is that it was an absolutely beautiful day in Scotland at St. Andrews. That fact alone might have been enough to shake up some scores, just …

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Jul 14

What is Golf IQ?

What is Spieth’s IQ? Is Spieth a Genius? Nick Faldo’s take on Jordan Spieth’s future is an interesting one. He doesn’t claim unequivocally that the young star will win the third or fourth event in the Grand Slam of Golf, but he thinks Spieth is in the very best of hands – his own. He …

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Jun 30

Grand Slam Fever

bobby jones grand slam

Here We Go Again – Another Grand Slam?   The golf year has reached its halfway point, and as usual, did not disappoint. We even have a little bit of the elixir that comes around every few years, but not so much lately – the expectation that someone within the PGA field can win golf’s …

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Mar 10

Thompson, Watson in Open Match

  Special Match for Open Winners     Peter Thompson didn’t play on the PGA tour very often, or for very long, although he did win some events here in the West. Maybe it was for that reason that I didn’t get a really good take on who he really was, but I’m catching on …

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Jan 10

Willie Hutchison Dies

Willie Hutchison- Great Scottish Caddie We can talk about what caddies are expected to do in the same way we can talk about other professions that require fine judgement and the skillful use of accumulated knowledge. Yes, we know that they carry the bag and replace divots, learn the yardage of everything to everything, research …

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Jul 19

How to Win an Open?

Rory Likes Mo’s Way As expected, the weather turned sour again at Royal Liverpool, and while that may have deterred some of the early leaders from sunny countries, albeit not much, it was all business as usual for Rory McIlroy, who shot his third consecutive round in the 60s to take a six stroke lead …

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Jul 17

British Open Leaders Surprise

Italians Make Good Showing Here’s the way it goes overseas. When the rain sets in for so much of the year in places like Britain, Ireland, and most of the other northern sections of Europe, they head south. More than anywhere else, they head south to Italy, where it’s warm, sunny, and peaceful. Mother nature …

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