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Apr 16

Disqualified from LPGA Play

LPGA Rules for Disqualification Lots to Remember Over the years, we’ve all seen a host of disqualifications from both the men’s and women’s tours, some of them over seemingly nothing when looking at the small picture. In retrospect, there’s so much to be said for rule uniformity, and both tours have remained rabid on adherence, …

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Feb 03

Patrick Reed – A Whodunnit

Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed Accused of Cheating? Unflattering Book on PGA Golfer – Patrick Reed to be Released The PGA might be bound by a code of ethics, as many organizations are, but within the field of qualified golfers to play the game at the top level, every sort of personality type is present, even one like …

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Oct 19

Cheating on Tour

Cheating on Tour – Careful with that Word Tiger Wood’s agent, Mark Steinberg, is right about anyone being accused of cheating – it’s a huge deal (unless we’re talking about Mississippi Riverboat gamblers or pirates). Any iffy moment on the golf course that straddles the border between knowing and not knowing the rules, maybe grounding …

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