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Dec 24

Holiday Memories and Look to Spring


How the Holiday Season Has Changed Whatever holiday it is that a person celebrates, so long as it is a harbor for good memories, it still relates to what I’ve been feeling this morning. For me, it’s Christmas, and I’ll confess that I’m talking about the nostalgic memories and a little about the commercial side. …

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Dec 22

Golf – A Winter Industry?

golf in winter

Golf in the Winter Snow? To start with, anyone who lives in Florida, or anything like it, doesn’t need to bother with this. I live in a very nice town in the Pacific Northwest, and that’s the sort of folks I’m talking to – yes, Northeners, for the most part. It’s winter here, and there …

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Dec 25

Christmas Spirit and Golf This Year

Golf Better the Christmas Spirit of Universal Acceptance At least on the commercial side of Christmas spirit, the national feeding frenzy, the global avarice hour, the materialistic melee has come and gone. All over the world, some form of golfabilia has appeared under the tree, in oblong, ribboned boxes and cartons, in magazine subsciptions, in …

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