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Jan 14

LPGA’s Pressel Setting Example

Morgan Pressel Throws Another Blow at Breast Cancer Morgan Pressel has been playing on the LPGA Tour for a while now. Many of us remember her as the youngest tournament champion in the tour’s history. I once called her a bully in the best sense of the word, meaning that she had the energy to …

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Apr 22

Paula’s LPGA Masters

Would Be Fun, Good For Tour This seems like the perfect time for everyone who cares to throw in their two cents about the theoretical Masters tournament for the LPGA, to be held on the same course as the men play, probably one week later, as envisioned by Paula Creamer. My two cents is that’s …

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Mar 25

Fascinating Golf

What/Who is Needed to Keep Golf Fascinating? The articles are coming out by the dozen – what are we going to do in the post-Tiger world? How will we replace the one who has carried the game for decades, the one who filled the void after the Big Three years? Just like the film world …

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Mar 23

What do the Founders Cup Stars’ “Stars” Say?

The Stars Players Are Born Under Determine Winners It’s pretty clear to me that we, as a body of golf spectators have a problem with immediate gratification. If someone doesn’t win often enough, we say that they failed to live up to early expectations. If they play consistently well, but lack the extreme scores to …

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Jan 28

Pure Silk Goes to Korda

Pure Silk Goes to Korda – On to Australia Last week, everything was perfect, and that isn’t speaking just for the LPGA golfers who played on Paradise Island on the shores of Nassau – it’s speaking for me. One week ago, I was sitting on a beach looking at the course for the Pure Silk …

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Jan 24

Pure Silk – Round 3 Goes Through Jessica

  Jessica Korda Birdies to the Lead at the Pure Silk LPGA Classic     The first thing that emerged in the first round of the Pure Silk LPGA Classic was a dominating bloc of American players at the top, but that’s happened before, usually to evaporate before the weekend is over. I expect that …

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Dec 17

Golf in 2013-That was the Year That Was

Ten Weird 2013 Golf Events I saw a list of ten weird events that occurred during the last season of professional golf. I don’t know if they’d necessarily make my top ten. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I think the idea of a woman being bitten by a water moccasin during a golf tournament in …

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Oct 10

Sime Darby LPGA Malaysian

Sime Darby LPGA Malaysian – with Malaysian Golfers! The last time I gave much thought to Malaysia, I was making a mental note never to go there. That was many decades ago, when you could walk in with a prescription drug, lose the bottle, and end up in front of a firing squad, or some …

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Sep 09

Suzann Pro Challenge

Suzann Pro Challenge – Valkyries Giving Back Golfer Suzann Pettersen is one of the greatest things to come out of Norway in her profession since Kirsten Flagstad set the Metropolitan Opera on its ear seventy years or so ago. Like Flagstad, Pettersen has a strong sense of who she is, and how to conduct business in …

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Aug 22

Canadian Open and a Wake for Solheim

After the Solheim Ready for the Canadian Open Honestly, I did my very best to fully embrace the Canadian Open this week. It’s one of my favorite stops along the LPGA tour, and has proven to be particularly interesting in the last year or so. I always look forward to it, but this week, I couldn’t …

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