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Jun 07

Dufner and ‘Dufnering’ Return

Dufner’s Calm Leads to a Win Tranquil Golfer Wins the Memorial – Youngsters Love It Jason Dufner had a very good day Sunday. He won the Memorial, received one and a half million dollars for his efforts, and got a handshake from Jack Nicklaus on his way out the door. He’s around forty years old …

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Mar 13

Masters Odds – Why Bother?

Phil Mickelson

Who Will This Year’s Masters? Do they really think that they can do this? The big event, the one that Tiger’s lost so much sleep over in the past few weeks, is less than thirty days away, and the guys in Vegas actually think they have an inside track on who’s going to walk away …

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Feb 20

Match Play – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Accenture Match Play

Vagrancy of Match Play Things got off to a tense start on the tricky Nicklaus course in Arizona on Wednesday. Despite several big names going AWOL on this huge match play event, the event provided a lot of interest, one or two marathons and a cliffhanger or two. In several cases, we thought we knew …

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Dec 17

Golf in 2013-That was the Year That Was


Ten Weird 2013 Golf Events I saw a list of ten weird events that occurred during the last season of professional golf. I don’t know if they’d necessarily make my top ten. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I think the idea of a woman being bitten by a water moccasin during a golf tournament in …

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Aug 11

No Kids at the PGA-Furyk and Dufner

Furyk and Dufner Experience Leading The youth movement, in my opinion, has gone too far. We’ve reached the point where we begin to worry about a player who’s heading into the late 20s and hasn’t won everything in sight. “Poor thing,” we think – “he/she’s an also-ran.” That’s the very dilemma we have this week. …

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