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Nov 08

Pro and Amateur Golf in Turkey

Turkey Just Featured Itself in the Turkish Airlines Open – Some of Us Slow to Catch On I have watched through the years as new parts of the globe have established a golf culture, especially much of Asia. We have seen great players like Lorena Ochoa and Lee Trevino have bring Mexican golf into the …

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Nov 05

Marc Cayeux Reaches Milestone

After Long Recovery, Severely Injured Cayeux Makes the Cut People respond to adversity in different ways and to different degrees. Some fold their tent and silently steal away, finding more comfort in the ‘woe is me’ approach. Others keep their ‘boo-hoo’ very short, and do everything possible to get back in the game. We should …

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Sep 23

PGA and European Tour Merger?

Many Questions Arise if the European and PGA Men’s Tours Effect a Merger Rory McIlroy has been musing lately about the idea of Europe and the U.S. seeking a merger, at least the men’s golf part. That’s right, the PGA and European Tour in a hypothetical merger. There are so many talents between the two, …

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Jul 23

Playing Quick Round of 6

Playing 18 holes or 6? I’ve repeated and repeated this through the years, but I;m going to give it one more try. One of the best things about playing eighteen holes of golf is that it has always taken a long time. As kids, whether in the summer or during the school year, that kept …

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Dec 15

Europe and Asia Merger?

Europe and Asia Problems With Inequities The status quo is already pretty fierce. The Americas are pretty intense about golf, and the European Tour gets better all the time, often better than anyone else. Suddenly there is talk among European powers of annexing Asia in a colossal golf merger, with all its financial potential and …

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Jun 14

What Course is Martin Kaymer Playing?

Martin Kaymer

Third Round of US Open Underway I’ve had the feeling through the first two days of the long-awaited men’s US Open that Martin Kaymer has been playing some merciful muni course in my hometown while everyone else has to play Pinehurst, fake rough and all. I am assured, however, that such is not the case, …

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Feb 06

South Africa and Pebble Beach

South Africa and Pebble Beach – Miss a Few Cuts, then “Wham!” While the women take a break this week, two tournaments are occupying center stage for the men in two parts of the world. The National Pebble Beach Pro-Am is more familiar to American spectators, and the Joburg Open is one of the more …

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Jan 04

Did Europe Scuttle Seve’s Royal Trophy?

Seve Ballesteros

  What Happened to Seve Ballesteros’s Royal Trophy?   Seve Ballesteros, I would hope, is still known to a new generation of golfers, from weekender to touring player. He should be, because he’s one of the game’s pillars, especially the European Tour. He is to the west what Bobby Jones through Jack Nicklaus was and …

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Oct 26

Fan DQs Simon Dyson at BMW

  Simon Dyson’s Infraction Caught By a Fan     Golf is such a weird game. The rules were drawn up by NASA, and you need an extra college degree just to memorize them – or you need enough income to hire someone to memorize them for you, come along to the tournaments and monitor …

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